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Jun 17th

Approximate Timeline of Mohammad’s Life

 570 Mohammad born in Mecca 

595 Mohammad marries Khadija 610 Mohammad receives his first revelation from Allah through Gabriel

613 Mohammad begins preaching publicly in Mecca

615 Escalation in treatment of Muslims results in some fleeing to Abysinnia ? Mohammad’s night journey

619 Khadija and Abu Talib die


622 Mohammad and the Muslims flee to Medina

622 Mohammad consummates his marriage to Aisha (about nine years old at the time)

624 The first raid by the Muslims at Nakhla 624 The Battle of Badr

624 Mohammad besieges the Banu Qaynuaqa and they are exiled from Medina

625 The Battle of Uhud

625 The siege of the Banu Nadir and their exile from Medina

627 The Battle of the Trench: Massacre of the Banu Qurayzah and enslavement of their women and children

628 Treaty of Hudaybiyya signed with the Meccans

628 Khaybar besieged and the Jews are exiled. The Banu Nadir men are executed and their women and children taken into slavery

628 Mohammad poisoned at Khaybar 630 Muslims conquer Mecca

630 The Battle of Hunayn and conquest of Ta’if

631 Remaining Arab tribes accept Islam

631 War against Christians and Jews begins. Raid against Tabuk.

632 Mohammad dies in Medina

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