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Jul 18th

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The Interfaith Deception Upon Richmond, Virginia and Beyond

Chuck Crismier

Save America Ministries
Chuck Crismier


The INTER-FAITH movement sweeping the country and the world is the latest expression of a series of "modern"movements that began in the 1920's and is inexorably moving toward a Global Religion intended to unite the world so as to undergird a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.. 

From the Social Gospel movement that raged through the mainline churches beginning in the 1920's to the Ecumenical movement beginning in the 1940's to the Church Growth movement beginning in the 1970's, the course has been set to both justify and embrace "the good" in all religions, promoted by both mainline churches and Popes John Paul and Francis. Evangelicals, not wanting to be left out of the obvious trends, have increasingly embraced this rising religious culture, thus decreasingly embracing the exclusivity of Christ as the "the only way, the only truth and the only life." Nearly lost to this generation are Jesus words..."No man cometh to the Father but by Me."

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Inter-Faith Myths and Islam: Part 1

Dan Wolf photo for bio150

Article 1 in a Series  and also see indepth webinar by Dr. Mark Christian,  called Beheading the Church here on American Pastors Network.

Interfaith Yoga Diversity by Dan Wolf  (see full lnterfaith list here)

This is the first in a series of articles examining a serious faith problem that is rapidly growing in Richmond and across our nation, the ‘inter-faith’ movement. The movement’s stated purpose is promoting dialogue across different religions; particularly Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jews and Christians share the Torah, or Bible Old Testament, a common bond that’s existed for almost 2,000 years. Neither of these religions share a similar bond with Islam.

However, the dialogue within these events is not open. It rests instead on a mutual trust based only on what a party (such as Islam) chooses to disclose about its religion - truth regarding religion is not defined by facts or understanding, but only by what one chooses to reveal about their religion. Others (such as non-Muslims) are to accept those disclosures as ‘truth.’ Truth becomes subjective instead of objective. It creates a type of impenetrable ignorance, shifting religion’s focus away from God and onto man’s stated beliefs regarding a religion, an understanding based solely on what a person chooses to reveal about their own religion.

One can only reflect upon their own religion according to ‘inter-faith’ principles. This insulates Islam from critical analysis while at the same time providing it the opportunity to dislocate others from their faith. These conditions serve the Muslim Brotherhood’s planned civilization jihad as defined in their documents collected during the Holy Land Foundation trial. Islam’s principle of sanctioned deceit and at times lies to further Islam’s advance allow it to manipulate ‘inter-faith’ discussions in accordance with its goals. Individual Islamic groups have been created to dialogue with students, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews.

The Richmond area “inter-faith” group recently held events at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and St. Bridget Catholic Church. (both videos below)Their stated purpose was to increase our community’s understanding of Islam. Presenters at both events expressed the conviction that a lack of knowledge about something different often leads to being fearful, and education is needed to overcome this fear. I agree with that sentiment; however, there is a difference between truth and misinformation.

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Inter-Faith Myths and Islam - Part 2 A Christian Perspective

Figure 1 Timeline of People Relevant to Christian and Islamic Thought

Interfaith Yoga DiversityArticle 2 in the series  (see full lnterfaith list here) and also see indepth webinar by Dr. Mark Christian,  called Beheading the Church here on American Pastors Network.

by Dan Wolf (see full lnterfaith list here)

Inter-Faith Myths and Islam presented ideas expressed during two Richmond ‘inter-faith’ events about Islam. Ignored is the fact many of these ‘truths’ are not only contrary to, but incompatible with Christianity. We will cover some of the same ground presented in the first article, but this time with a basis in Christian thought.

This is critical for two reasons. First, the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to manipulate other religions by subverting the inter-faith movement. We know this from the documents recovered in the Holy Land Foundation trial.[1] Second, many Christians today do not have a very deep understanding of their own faith, which leaves them vulnerable to manipulation. But let me reiterate once again, the underlying issue is not Muslims but Islam’s ideology.

So where to begin? Islam created no new ideas in terms of who God is or the relationship between man and God as we will see below. Two timelines are presented to provide some context for this discussion. The first timeline details when some people relevant to the development of Christian and Islamic thought lived. It is of course not exhaustive, but those included are significant. Individuals influencing Christian thought lie above the timeline, those relevant to Islam below it.

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A Cocktail, A Comfy Chair and A Crown of Thorns

crown of thorns lgAndrew W. Fuller | The Fuller Report

Last week's events in Manchester, England, reminded me of the following article which I wrote ten years ago in March 2007. They are a reflection on the futility of the suicide bomber, compared to the death of Him who knew exactly what He was doing in offering His life as a sacrifice for the cause of His Kingdom.

A survivor who saw the driver of the truck said that he was smiling as he drove to his destruction. On October 23rd, 1983, a truck laden with explosives was crashed into the American marine compound in Beirut killing 241 American servicemen and several Lebanese. A similar incident at the same moment in the neighboring French compound killed 58. Two suicide bombers took more than 300 people with them into eternity. The Middle East has been filled with these incidents over recent years; Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and Iraq. The latter is presently the site of daily occurrences of this kind taking dozens, if not hundreds of lives.

In 1993, in his first western television interview Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, the leader of the Hezbollah, attempted to explain the attitude of mind of a Muslim martyr. He spoke of one who drives a truck with a smile on his face, knowing he is entering into true life. He likened this to a person being in a sauna for a long time. “He is very thirsty and tired and hot and he is suffering from the effects of the high temperature. Then he is told that if he opens the door, he can go into a quiet, comfortable room, drink a nice cocktail and hear classical music. Then he will open the door and go through without hesitation, knowing that what he leaves behind is not a high price to pay, and what awaits him is of much greater value”[i]

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A Short Overview of Sharia

shariah law picture1


Bill Warner | Polticial Islam

Since Islam is primarily a political system, it would only make sense that it has a legal code. The Islamic legal code is called Sharia (also shariah), meaning the way. The source of the Sharia is the Koran and the Sunna (found in the Sira and the Hadith). Since the Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims do not agree on which Hadith to use, they have slightly different Sharia systems.

Sharia law covers all aspects of life, including how a man and woman should have sex, for instance. Roughly there are five areas of Sharia law:

  1. Belief-Allah, His angels, His books, His prophets, the Day of Judgment and the decrees of God.
    2. Moralities-giving good counsel, humility, patience and so forth.
    3. Devotions-the Five Pillars, alms, pilgrimage to Mecca, and jihad.
    4. Transactions-business law, marriage, divorce and disputes.
    5. Punishments-stoning, amputation, lashings, and retaliation.

Some divide Sharia law into religious law and the rest.

All Sharia is based upon dividing all actions into forbidden (haram, haraam) and permitted (halal). Things that are halal, permitted, are further divided into five classes such as acts that are desirable, but may be omitted. Things that are haraam, forbidden, are divided into three categories, such as strictly forbidden or unclean.

There are four branches to Sunni Sharia law. They differ in small matters, but just like the Shia Sharia law they all agree that kafirs are not equal to Muslims under Sharia law. Said another way, all of the differences between Sharia law schools do not affect the law with regards to kafirs. Jihad is included in every school of law.

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Our Hope is Trump will be Our Charles Martel


Greene Hollowell 2012 150AThe Islamic are:

  • 1/3 Religious- Mohammed/Allah
  • 1/3 Government- Sharia Law
  • 1/3 Barbarian Warriors- Jihad.

Their message is clear that they want kill us and the Jews- Remember 9/11.

My hope is President Trump will be our Charles Martel and stop the Islamic conquest of America.

Greene Hollowell
Richmond, VA

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Chrislam Marches On – Part 1 and the Threat to the Christian

History of Islam

First published  June 7, 2016 on Fortress of Faith

In  today’s discussion Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian discuss the interfaith movement and Chrislam, which poses a very real threat to Christians being deceived by Islam 

Listen to the program  on 

Why Is The Interfaith Movement So Dangerous?


Aren’t those of you who are Christians, which I suppose is most of you, glad that the Gospel came to your address? This is something that is likely to happen in America, but is not likely to happen in most of the rest of the world, especially in Islamic countries. Our Lord gave us a commission which starts by taking the Gospel to every creature.


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“America Under Siege: Soviet Islam” New Film and a Must See

 AmericaUnderSiege SovietIslam instagram01-644x644


“Only a coalition of Islamists and Marxists can destroy the United States.”  Ilyich Ramírez Sánchez, AKA Carlos the Jackal

Soviet Islam is the second episode in the five-part America Under Siege webseries releasing over the course of 2017. Each episode investigates the growing influence of revolutionary Marxists and their allies in different sectors of American society.

When the Soviet Union failed to eradicate religion, it quickly changed tactics. After World War II, Soviet Communists forged alliances with unlikely partners – radical Islamists and Middle Eastern nationalist dictators. Beginning in the Cold War and continuing through to today, the Kremlin has armed, trained, and supported these Islamists and dictators to advance a frightening goal: subverting their shared American enemy.

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Trump's Travel Ban and the Two Forms of Islam

History of Islam(for more indepth understanding of Islam, see  Virginia Christian Alliance advisor, Dan Wolf's 13 part series by clicking HERE)  (See Part 1 Here)

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian, and today's program: The History of Islam.  Below are simple SHOW NOTES and prone to typos.  So, Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE)

I want to look at why I support President Trump’s travel ban on people from certain countries that pose a danger to our national security. I believe this is an important issue and it is too bad that it has turned into a political circus. We are risking the safety and security of the American people. This article is based upon an interview by a local TV station in Washington State. There have been some changes in the situation since this was recorded.

When I teach on the complexity of the terrorism issue and the teachings of Islam, my goal is to make it as simple as possible. To put it simply, I used to say that there is only one Islam and I have come to realize that is not true. There are actually two forms of Islam. There is the true Islam, Muhammad’s Islam, and there is fake Islam. We could call the fake Islam moderate Islam or reformed Islam. This is the popular term for those who are trying to change the religion.

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The History of Islam Part 2

History of Islam  (for more indepth understanding of Islam, see  Virginia Christian Alliance advisor, Dan Wolf's 13 part series by clicking HERE)  (See Part 1 Here)

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian, and today's program: The History of Islam.  Below are simple SHOW NOTES and prone to typos.  So, Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE)

We call Islam a religion, but historically we see it is more of a political-military movement. We see this when we study the caliphates (empires) of Islam.

Before we get into the next period, I want to go back to Muhammad’s migration to Medina. Not only did the character of Islam change at that time, there was also a change of the calendar. The Islamic calendar is not the same as ours. We are in 2016, but on the Muslim calendar it is 1438. Their calendar begins in our year 622. Our calendar uses the abbreviation AD to indicate Ano Domini, the year of our Lord. The Muslim calendar uses AH for Ano Hijra (migration), the year of the migration.

Today we are 578 years apart, but since our calendar is based on the solar year, and the Muslim calendar is based on the lunar year, the gap is closing. The lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. The calendars will agree in the year 2860.

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The History Of Islam

 History of Islam

(for more indepth understanding of Islam, see  Virginia Christian Alliance advisor, Dan Wolf's 13 part series by clicking HERE)

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian, and today's program: The History of Islam.  Below are simple SHOW NOTES and prone to typos.  So, Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE)

But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. (Philippians 1:17)

We, as Christians, need to stand up and defend what we believe in. Our goal at Fortress of Faith is to defend our faith from the onslaught of the religion of Islam. Islam claims that our Scriptures have been corrupted and they have the superior religion and the superior scriptures.

My background is that of a foreign missionary, and Shahram’s background is that of a former Muslim who is now a Christian pastor.

Today we are going to try to cover 1,400 years of Islamic history. We are going to pick up our look at Islam’s history at Muhammad’s death. He died in the year 632 AD.

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Hatred and the Political Left

Dan Wolf photo for bio150Dan Wolf
Virginia Christian
Dan Wolf

Author: Collectivism & Charity: The Great Deception

For those of you who do not know, the Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) was recently cited as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Normally, I would not bother to respond to such a list, but there are a couple of important points to be made that support the VCA site’s purpose and the writings I have put together on the relationship between faith and governance.

The first item is to understand the Southern Poverty Law Center’s point of view and then evaluate it. We’ll start by defining hate so that we are all on the same page.  According to the dictionary it is “to regard with extreme aversion; have great dislike for; detest.” I went to the SPLC web-site to see their criteria for inclusion in the list. The information about the SPLC’s hate map states, “All hate groups have beliefs or practices that malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

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Will We Stand for Truth?

Dan Wolf photo for bioDan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance Advisory Board

Our country is grounded in Judeo/Christian principles. Living in the truth is one such principle. “For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought by God.”

No one should fear the truth, although at times we may be afraid. The truth is the light which sets us free. It is when truth is suppressed that we should fear, for the light fades and darkness comes forth.

So why am I bringing this up?

Recently a religious organization in Virginia agreed to have a well known and highly regarded historian appear to give a presentation on Islam’s history. A couple of days before the event was to occur, it was cancelled because of a few phone calls and emails from the local interfaith community that said the presenter and presentation were untruthful.

What is troubling is that:

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Islam’s Ties to Modern Slavery

Slave Populations by Country

 Dan Wolf

This site normally looks at issues relevant to Islam; its history, cultural attitudes, etc. 

Today’s topic is modern slavery, an issue that goes well beyond Islam. 

It is a problem that is global in scope.  Although it is more prevalent in countries that govern using collectivism (such as communism, fascism, Islam, nationalism, progressivism, or socialism), it is also present in countries with republican forms of governance - such as the U.S.  In all cases it represents a form of moral corruption, as discussed below. There are, however, a couple of ties that add to slavery’s prevalence within Islamic countries.

First, slavery is permissible under Islam. This item is a hold-over from pre-Islamic Arab culture.  The second tie relates to jihad.  There is a breakdown in governance and law during any period of war.  Within Islamic jihad, captives can either be made slaves or held for ransom.  Captives were historically part of the booty received by those who fought.  One example, the first war fought by the U.S. was against the Barbary Pirates of North Africa, who raided ships and took captives that were made slaves or held for ransom.  While this example is more recent, it is behavior going back to the actions sanctioned by Muhammad’s example in the seventh century.

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Resettling Immigrants in Virginia

Refugee Resettlement Map of Virginia

Dan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance

AUGUST 27, 2016The last two articles have looked at some of Islam’s ideological roots, their connection to collectivism (Making Sense of Orlando), and the fact that we are in an ideological war that we are not winning (Why We are Losing the War). In this article we’ll look at the refugee resettlement program in Virginia, from an ideological and economic perspective, and conclude with some related data at the end.

Before discussing the refugee resettlement program, we should look a little more at why it matters. Our country’s founding principles have their roots in individualism, specifically a Biblical based philosophy in terms of morality, laws, and governance. Collectivism is simply the notion that a people exists to serve its state, and this generally breeds dependency within a people as the government grows to control many aspects of society. Individualism is its opposite. Its underlying notion is that the state exists to serve its people (whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all). So you can look at this ideological battle as one between individual independence versus dependence.

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