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May 25th

Herman Cain Insists Being Gay Is a 'Choice' and Homosexuality Is 'Sin'

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Republican presidential Candidate Herman Cain insists that being gay is a personal choice in an interview on CNN Wednesday, as he had in previous interviews in which he also called homosexuality a "sin."

The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and Baptist minister told CNN's Piers Morgan, "Although people don't agree with me, I happen to think that it is a personal choice."

Political analysts speculate that the businessman's stance could be beneficial to his campaign in early primary states such as Iowa and South Carolina, where social conservatives are influential in selecting a nominee.  CONTINUE READING ON CHRISTIAN POST

Portland adds sex-reassignment surgery to city employee health benefits

Just read some of the stories on the LGBTQ website to see the progress the of the LGBT movement across the nations

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