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Jul 19th

Biblical Sexuality

The Secret to Holy Sexuality

Shannon Ethridge

No words in the English language could possibly describe the look of panic on my mom's face as she pulled into the driveway to witness 5-year-old me standing barefoot in the dew-covered grass, holding a fallen electrical line in my tiny hand. I'd been watching Sesame Street when suddenly the TV went dead, along with all of the lights in the house. I went outside to ask my dad to investigate but stumbled upon a potential explanation when I saw the severed black cord lying limp on the front lawn. So I picked it up, as if somehow I could reconnect it to its power source and restore everything to the way it was supposed to be—and amazingly, I lived to tell about it.

In many ways this article is my attempt to do something similar—to reconnect us, the body of Christ, to our original Power Source, particularly to restore energy, passion and creative freedom in the marriage bed. Hopefully I'll get better results this time (and avoid any shocked facial expressions in the process!).

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Boston's GLBT Conference Advocates to Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools

GLSEN Conf-program 320

"GLBT" teachers conference in Boston reveals latest plans to push homosexuality even further into schools. Well organized, fueled with taxpayer dollars. What are the latest homosexual and transgender tactics targeting your schools? In the school "culture wars" nothing happens by accident. It is usually the result of careful planning and execution. Here is a look behind the scenes.

Homosexual teachers, school officials, and education activists (and their "allies") -- along with children as young as fifth grade -- converged at GLSEN's 2014 Annual Conference in Boston last month. At this "hands-on" event they to introduced and discussed their latest strategies for thoroughly pushing homosexuality and transgender issues and behaviors into the minds of kids.

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Dark Side of Technology Discussed on Liberty University's Victory FM Radio Network

Brad Huddleston

You may not want to know the secret, darker side of your computer, smart phone, or video game, but you need to know. Like it or not, we are becoming more deeply dependent on technology. We enjoy its benefits. But what about the other side? The dark side. Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Brad Huddleston and radio show host Mark Lamb discuss both sides of this growing issue.

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Dark Side of Technology and Digital Drugs

Brad Huddleston

Your child's mind can crack! Listen to VCA Advisor Brad Huddleston describe the Dark Side of Technology. Learn about Digital Drugs and how they are as dangerous as porn.

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Why Liberals and Homosexual Activists Are so Intolerant

Stephen McDowell

Secular humanism is the predominant religion of the mainstream media, academia, and the political left. It has become the established religion of government schools, and its tenets of relativism, positivism, and statism are widely taught. Toleration is one of its chief virtues. The degree of toleration has reached the absurd, where California now allows students to use male or female restrooms based upon their self-identification, not biology.

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A Christian Response to the Grammys' Gay Wedding

Brad Huddleston

The 2014 Grammys featured a mass wedding that included homosexuals. WHSV TV 3 asked Brad for his comments for the news. Of course only a small portion of the interview made it on the news. This is the full-length interview:

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Marriage Message to Virginians

Natural Marriage

To the Citizens of Virginia

Laws and judges' decisions cannot validly overturn thousands of years of human history, and ignore the evidence of human anatomy -- the bases for common law and natural law, respectively.

The Bible's witness against homosexual behavior is affirmed by nature and biology. Thus, God has spoken in both Scripture and creation with a coherent message – homosexual behavior is unnatural and marriage is between only a man and a woman.

Consequently, one cannot legitimately call it marriage when there is some sort of legal union between those of the same sex similar to marriage, despite contrary sentiment.

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AG Herring Backs Same Sex Marriage

Don Blake

Don Blake-Chairman/President
January 27, 2014

No doubt you have seen the headlines in the news over the last five days: "Herring to Back Same-Sex Marriage" and "Virginia to Fight Gay Marriage Ban".  There are countless emails, blogs, postings, news articles and T.V. spots and Facebook Chatter about this attack on our Commonwealth - legally and morally.  There will be much about the legal aspect of Attorney General Herring's actions, but little if any of the moral consequences of the Commonwealth of Virginia sanctioning homosexual marriage. See our Press Conference for details.

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Homosexuality vs. Shacking Up

Brad Huddleston

Last month when I wrote the article about the Phil Robertson issue regarding homosexuality, the response was overwhelmingly supportive. Of course, there were a handful of “Christians” who came to the rescue of the homosexuals. One criticism that I will cite in general was that I should give equal time to the other sins that are listed in Scripture.Now, because the comment was made on Facebook, I had no way of accurately reading the human emotion behind this response. I could be wrong, but I took it to mean that I should back off and not pick on just one sin. Regardless of how it was meant, I take it as fair criticism so, I will give equal time to writing about some of the other sins. In this case, let’s look at fornication.

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Would MLK Have Championed Today’s “Liberal” Causes?”

Rita Dunaway

In a recent article, Professor Peter Dreier appropriated Martin Luther King Jr. as champion of the “liberal” side of several raging public debates.  Having been inspired from childhood by the justice of King’s struggle for racial equality and the effective and eloquent way in which he pursued his “Dream,” I find Dreier’s conclusions surprising and counter-intuitive.  I reject the assumption that this giant of a man can be so neatly categorized.

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Duck Travesty

Brad Huddleston

The organization GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) proudly states on the main page of their website that they are "changing culture by working directly with news media, entertainment media, cultural institutions and social media". When Phil Robertson quoted God's Word and expressed his personal opinions regarding homosexuality in a GQ article, GLAAD threw a hissy fit and scared A & E into suspending Phil indefinitely.

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Condoms May Provide Some Protection For Aids, But Little Or No Protection Against HPV, Herpes And Many Others

Jimmy Balta web

There are holes or pores in condoms that are LARGER than the germs and viruses of various STDs including Hepatitis B, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Read this report developed by Virginia Christian Advisor Jimmy Balta.

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Forgiven and Delivered from Homosexuality

Linda Wall1

“As I sat there on the pew of the Baptist church in Norfolk, Virginia, I yearned to be free from homosexuality. I had reached the end of my rope. The weight upon my shoulders was so heavy. I needed an escape and I needed it now!

Could this Jesus I had learned about as a child in Sunday school help me? Was He real? Was He the same as the one described in the Bible? Could I be free from homosexuality or was it too big for even Him?

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