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Jul 16th

Biblical Sexuality

God's Truth? - The Big Question - LGBT Lies?

Dean WeltyDean Welty
VCA Vice President
Crossroads: At Creation -- Male and Female?

“In the beginning, God created Man in His own image, Male and Female created He them. And God saw that it was very good!” (Genesis 1:27-31)

“However, going against what God had so clearly created, men became vain in their imaginations. Professing to be wise, they became as fools. Therefore, God gave them over to their unclean lusts and vile affections. Both men and women dishonored their own bodies to do things that are against nature.” (Romans 1:20-32)

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Is Target boycott affecting 'Pride' events?

Exclusive: Linda Harvey notes company supporting just 1 'deviancy' parade this month

Linda Harvey | WND

As the month of June begins, it’s time to be aware of summer events you should avoid when accompanied by children, most notably the homosexual “pride” parades in major cities.

Corporate participation in these sexual anarchy “celebrations” has sadly increased in recent years through the energetic efforts of homosexual activists, without much pushback in response from conservatives.

But hold on just a minute there, corporate America. In April, a boycott of Target stores was launched by the American Family Association. So the question becomes, will Target be visible as a supporter of the summer’s upcoming “pride” weekends?

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Crossroads: A Sexual Revolution

“Spiritual Idolatry leads to Sexual Immorality.  The converse is also true.  Sexual Immorality leads to Spiritual Idolatry.”  (Rakazzi)

“Woe to those who publicly flaunt their sins as Sodom and are not even ashamed. … They know the judgment of God is on them, but they hate God and don’t care.  They go right ahead and do them anyway – and encourage others to do them too.”  (Isaiah 3:9 and Romans 29:32)

“Woe to those who say that evil is good and good is evil.  They reward those who are wicked but punish those who are innocent.”  (Isaiah 5:20 – 23)

The Word, the World, and the Sexual Revolution

In a culture that seems to have gone stark raving mad, we have been addressing the ravaging destruction of a Sexual Revolution that has been building in America for decades -- with devastating consequences for common sense standards of decency and morality that will impact generations to come. 

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Va Christian Alliance Responds to New Transgender Guidelines for Public Schools

ADA-Gender-Neutral-Sign-RRE-25413-99 White on Blue 600

Dept of Education and Justice Transgender Requirements for Public Schools in Virginia and nationwide

On May 13th, 2016, the U.S. Dept of Education and Justice issued a joint directive

U.S. Departments of Education and Justice press release announced their “joint guidance”,which we recommend you download and read, lays down additional broad and sweeping requirements to 16,500 public school districts and 7,000 postsecondary institutions, as well as charter schools, for-profit schools, libraries, and museums.

Title IX states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

These additional requirements open the floodgates and provide full access for transgender students to bathrooms, locker rooms and grant other "rights" to those who identify with the sex opposite their scientific gender.  Schools who do not comply with all of these additinal requirements in Title IX  would then fail to meet the requirements for significant amounts of Federal funds they depend on.  

This is extortion from the Federal level, holding local schools-your school, hostage to the LGBT radical agenda and organizations who support it like Equality Virginia and the ACLU of Virginia. The law states:

As a condition of receiving Federal funds, a school agrees that it will not exclude, separate, deny benefits to, or otherwise treat differently on the basis of sex any person in its educational programs or activities unless expressly authorized to do so under Title IX or its implementing regulations. (page 2)

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Transgender Medical Abuse of Children

Linda Harvey | WND

Exclusive: Linda Harvey urges ending of chemical, surgical manipulation of minors

Bathrooms are useful, it seems, for more than just bodily necessities.

In the recent federal transgender bathroom mandate, Obama and his pro-homosexual and pro-transgender agencies attempt to use children and bathrooms to unilaterally overhaul civil rights law in this country.

But the real violation of Title VII and Title IX sex discrimination law is the compromised privacy rights of authentic girls and boys. Let’s encourage more lawsuits along these lines.

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