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Jul 20th

Biblical Sexuality

The Day of Silence - “We’re Coming After Your Children”

Linda Wall1Linda Wall | Virginia Mass Resistance

In 1992 the chant coming from those in the Washington Gay Pride Parade was, “we’re queer, we’re here, and we’re coming after your children.” It only took four years for that threat to begin manifesting. In 1996 students at the University of Virginia organized the first Day of Silence and now it takes place annually in the public schools of America. It is coming to a school near you on April 15th.

Part I The Day of Silence - “We’re Coming After Your Children
Part II The Day of Silence-Who Are the Sexual Perversion Pushers in the Schools?
Part III: The Day of Silence - The Devastation and The Lies
Part IV The Day of Silence – The Rape of Children and Infants

Students are urged to refuse to speak all day, including during academic classes, which is disruptive to instructional time. Administrators permit students to refuse to speak in class, and teachers feel compelled to create lesson plans to accommodate student-refusal to speak. Teachers feel that if they don’t accommodate student-refusal to speak, they will be seen as supporting the bullying of self-identified homosexual students.

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Parents, Teachers & Administrators: What to Do on the 'Day of Silence'

IFI DOS-walkout-516x260

Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

The annual, well-organized, and nearly ubiquitous pro-homosexual/pro-gender-confusion political event called the Day of Silence (DOS) invades our public schools on Friday, April 15, 2016. The Day of Silence is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) whose sole reason for existence is to use public schools to transform the beliefs of other people’s children about homosexuality and gender-confusion. The name is intended to convey the absurd notion that homosexual students are silenced by the hatred, bigotry, and ignorance of those who believe homoerotic activity, cross-dressing, and bodily mutilation are neither moral nor healthy.

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Winning the Battle against the Dark Side of Technology

Brad HuddlestonBrad Huddleston Special Guest:  Brad Huddleston
This Weekend, Feb. 19-21, or Online HERE Anytime

A Brave New World

Have you noticed how many people are walking around or even driving with a phone in their ear?  That their eyes are often glued to tiny screens?  That they are using their thumbs (!) to type on even tinier keypads?  What are they watching, and who are they talking or writing to? 

This is a new Brave New World, like it or not, for better or for worse.  Like nuclear power, communication technologies are neither good nor bad in themselves.  But they can be used for both good and bad, and we need to know the difference.

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Letter to the Editor that the Times-Dispatch refused to Print

Greene Hollowell 2012 150ATo all friends;

This is a Letter to the Editor, Richmond TIMES-DISPATCH, that they refused to print. Any article that is critical to the homosexuals will likely not be printed even if referring to a news article. This is not the first letter they have refused to print. Maybe if I had left out the words ‘perverted and vile’ and left out the mention of oral sex by heterosexuals they would have printed it. At any rate we need to continue to try to break the politically correct blockade and reach the people.

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Homosexual Bills Presented To The General Assembly Contact Your Delegate To Oppose Them

Linda Wall | Virginia Christian Alliance AdvisorLinda Wall
Virginia Christian Alliance Advisor
Linda Wall | Virginia Mass Resistance

Homosexual Bills Being Presented To The General Assembly. We Also Encourage You To Contact Your Delegate To Oppose Them

The following pieces of legislation are proposed that will advance the "trending sexual sins" of the hour.  Opposes these bills and encourages you to contact your Delegate and Senator and make certain they vote against them.

"GLBTxyz Madness" and "Transgender Mania" Legislation Proposed This Session:

  • Virginia Human Rights Act; nondiscrimination in public employment - SB 12 (Ebbin): Prohibits discrimination in public employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, as defined in the bill. 

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