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Jun 18th

Biblical Sexuality

Welcome to Virginia’s Twilight Zone - The Changing of Birth Certificates


Linda Wall

I don’t know which is worse: the invasion into Virginia of those who specialize in perverting creation and the Holy Word of God or the silence about it by those claiming to be Christians. Perhaps I have entered the Twilight Zone where nothing makes sense.

Just a few days ago the Richmond Times Dispatch ran an article about those who push sexual perversion in the Commonwealth asking the state to make it easy to change gender on birth certificates.

Apparently, advocacy groups have filed a petition with the state that would override current Code of Virginia, “ § 32.1-269. Amending vital records; change of name; acknowledgment of paternity; change of sex…” which requires the sex of an individual has been medically changed and a certified court order has been obtained in order for the State Registra to amend that person’s birth certificate .

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Palatine Makes the News – As Civilization Declines


By John F. Di Leo | Illinois Review

We could begin by looking at this from the perspective of political philosophy.

In the early 1790s, when our Constitutional government was in its infancy, Secretary Hamilton proposed a national bank that we definitely needed, but which was not specifically authorized by the Constitution. A decade later, President Jefferson’s delegates to France brought back an irresistible offer – to purchase a third of a continent from France for pennies an acre – which just as clearly lacked Constitutional authorization.

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The 'LGBT' House Of Horrors For Kids

Linda Harvey |WND

Linda Harvey rips parents who enable amputations, hormones for children.

It’s ghastly and menacing, fiendish and chilling. Have we entered a Halloween haunted house?

No, we’re navigating the horrifying and ugly world of American sexuality, which is becoming an outright freak show. Our increasingly bizarre youth culture now conjures up the godless spirit of Halloween every day to molest the souls of vulnerable kids.

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Sexual Immorality is Destroying our Society

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A

Greene Hollowell 2012 150AGreene HollowellWe, the United States of America, have been conquered! No, not by a foreign country, not by the Communist nor the Islamic, although those threats still exist. We have been enslaved by our own people and apparently the majority of Americans are supportive of the conquest.

The conquest gained ground 40 years ago when the Supreme Court legalized abortion, preventing the States from enforcing their laws against it. Now over 55,000,000 children have been murdered in their mother’s own womb.

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The CATHOLIC VIRGINIAN refused to publish Pat Readon’s Letter

The following letter was refused by the Catholic Virginian and now you can read it on this important subject.

The Catholic Virginian
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294


For nearly a century, we have separated sex from reproduction in our contraceptive society.  This has been institutionalized for the last half century by abortion, the ultimate rejection as a God given gift.

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