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Jul 16th

Biblical Sexuality

Is Your Child’s School Observing the Day of Silence, a Pro-Homosexual-Pro-Transgender Event?

Linda Wall1

Linda Wall

This year’s annual pro-homosexual/pro-transgender propaganda day is April 27. Every year thousands of schools participate in this political event called Day of Silence. The event is sponsored by “LGBT” activists beneath the mask called the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

For those who don’t know of the Day of Silence, it is a day in which leftists exploit government schools and captive audiences for the purpose of advancing the “lgbtxyz” sexual ideology. Instead of walking out of classes like students last week, GLSEN urges students in middle and high school to refuse to speak all day –including during class.

Parents are urged to ask their school administrators and children’s teachers these questions:

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Frustrated parents to pull kids out of school for a day as part of grassroots 'sex ed sit out'


April 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A grassroots movement of frustrated public school parents who want to end the sexualization of their children during class time has turned their frustration to action with a “Sex Ed Sit Out” protest on April 23.

The protest, launched by a few moms on social media who were troubled by the graphic nature of current sex education resources in schools, has grown into a global movement with protests being held in multiple U.S. cities and also Australia and the UK.

Parents are demanding to know why their children are being taught how to have anal and oral sex, masturbate one another, and question one’s gender. Caryl Ayala, a former public school teacher and organizer of the Austin, Texas, protest, said, “We are uniting with parents across the globe to demand that our rights as parents be respected regarding the teaching of sexuality and sexual orientation. Hands off our kids!”

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Baptists Agree to Start Hiring Homosexuals for Mission Service

Pulpit and Pen

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), a denomination which splintered from the SBC in 1991 over theological differences, has agreed to start hiring homosexuals for denominational staffing positions. There are a number of churches that affiliate both with the CBF and the SBC. The CBF will continue to take into consideration the sexual orientation of some of its position hiring, but not all. The new hiring policy was announced by the CBF on February 9.

The CBF has had a ban on hiring “practicing homosexuals for approximately 18 years, but the policy that seemed scandalously liberal by the standards of the turn of the century (because use of the word “practicing” leaves room for celibate homosexuals) is now deemed not liberal enough. Instead, the CBF governing body has stated that it will “consider” the sexuality of proposed staff or missionaries, but unlike the 18-year-old policy now replaced, it will not ban them from service.

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Gay Olympians are accidentally proving why same-sex ‘marriage’ is wrong

February 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – While the mainstream media’s fawning coverage of gay and lesbian Winter Olympic athletes is relentless, the most important story out of Pyeongchang, South Korea is underreported, if not completely ignored.  

A surprising message delivered by gay men is being displayed for all the world to see in the Gangneung Olympic Ice Arena.

The three "out" gay male figure skaters in this year's Winter Olympics are partnered with women, not men, precisely because their sport is wholly reliant on complementarity.  

Without the complementarity of the male and female skaters, the event ceases to exist.  

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Understanding Gender Ideology -- The Propaganda of the Sexual Revolution

Presentations from the MassResistance Texas Teens4Truth Conference Equipping youth and parents to counter the LGBT agenda in schools.

Powerful speakers on vital issues that every pro-family person needs to know!

A very important presentation.

The radical ideology of "gender" has been a foundation of the propaganda that has fueled the sexual revolution. It's a big part of how feminism, sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, and more are being sold to (and forced on) the public. This will help you understand it.
Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD., founder and president of the Ruth Institute. The mission of the Ruth Institute is to put a stop to family breakdown -- being caused by the sexual revolution.

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God Showed Me There Was No Such Thing as a Gay Christian

Linda Wall1

By Linda Wall

When I entered the mall bookstore, I wasn’t headed to the “Self Help” Section, but that’s exactly where I found myself. Little did I know that I was moments away from a Divine Encounter that would answer the question I had been pondering for years: what did God Almighty have to say about homosexuality?

My eyes scanned the book titles in search of something that would grab my attention. Nothing pushed my button, but I became curious over a little book so thin that the title could not be printed on its spine. I gently pulled it out and when I saw the title, Where to Look in the Bible, I knew something extraordinary was about to happen.

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Bills Providing Special Rights to Homosexuals Pass: Virginia Senate Republicans Join Democrats

 Only the Virginia House of Delegates Can Stop It!

The Senate General Laws Committee approved a pro-homosexual bill (SB 202, Ebbin-D) by a vote of 12-3 to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) to current Virginia “anti-discrimination” laws for state and local government employees equating sexual orientation and gender identity with race, sex, religion, etc. as protected classes of workers.  Then the bill quickly moved to the full Virginia State Senate which quickly passed the measure 29 -10 with 10 Republicans voting YES.   Recap below.

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Virginia School Hosts "Sex Change" Assembly

by Linda Wall

With pad and pen in hand, I sat down to watch the assembly on “sex changes” that occurred at George Mason High School prior to Christmas break. It was quite difficult to sit through the entire presentation. It actually made me sick to my stomach but the need to see it myself in order to share, kept me enduring through the ordeal to the end.

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Virginia Public School Kids Get Assembly on Sex Changes

By Cathy Ruse, FRC's Senior Fellow for Legal Studies

A Northern Virginia public school held a school-wide assembly before Christmas break featuring transgender crusader Amy Ellis Nutt.

George Mason High School in the City of Falls Church brought in Nutt, a Washington Post reporter, to lecture students on her book Becoming Nicole, about a boy who "identified" as a girl as a toddler, had his puberty suppressed as a child, and was castrated as a teenager.

Nutt's lecture hit all the usual notes. Your gender is "assigned at birth" by people who might get it wrong. Toddlers can be transgender. Moray eels change sex and female reef fish produce sperm when there are no males. "Gender is a spectrum," everyone must get "comfortable" with new gender language that is "changing every day." Asking a biological boy to use the teachers' rather than the girls' restroom is "bullying."

The full assembly can be viewed on YouTube below

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Hating Men, The Rotten Root of Sexual Politics — BONUS FOOTAGE


Terry Beatley | America OUT LOUD!
VCA Board  Member  

In the beginning of the 60’s movement, Mallory Millett witnessed this junta of moral thugs, with her sister as a nationally recognized leader, practice a typical Communist exercise in which they would partake in a back-and-forth chant while describing what they were going to do: make revolution…a cultural Revolution by destroying the American family. They chanted that they would destroy the family by destroying American patriarchs —fathers/men—by taking away his power. They planned to do that by destroying monogamy.

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Italian doctor who called homosexuality a ‘health hazard’ cleared in defamation case

Lisa Bourne

December 4, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – An Italian Catholic doctor accused by LGBT activists of defamation after she highlighted in a Facebook post the skyrocketing rates of sexually transmitted disease among homosexuals has been found not guilty. 

LGBT group Torino Pride had made the accusation against Dr. Silvana De Mari, alleging that in declaring homosexuality a “health hazard” she had defamed homosexuals. 

De Mari, a surgeon and psychotherapist, was acquitted on the grounds that it would be impossible to ascertain who would have suffered injury because of her broad statement. De Mari said in her defense that it was clear that homosexuality was not a normal condition, referencing her own expertise, Breitbart reports.

“I have three specialties: psychotherapy, medicine and surgery,” she said. “I have been taking care of homosexual persons for 40 years.”

De Mari had stated in her original Facebook post: 

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A Current Overview of Homosexuality in America (2017)

Greene Hollowell 2012 150AGreene Hollowell

 Acceptance of homosexuality is now considered a ‘done deal’ by most Americans. Not that they all like it, but like abortion and other immoral actions, they feel that society has moved in a downward spiral and there is no use fighting back for change. 

For those who want to be abreast of the changing attitudes on sodomy, homosexuality, gay, and LGTBQ, here are statements for your consideration. Most statements below would now be denied by the LGTBQ activist.

Same-sex and gender confused people are fundamentally disordered and their sexual acts are immoral.

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What Our Sex-Saturated Culture Has Wrought

Rita Dunawayweb

Rita Dunaway | WND

There’s no question that sexual assault is an epidemic in the U.S. There’s no question that we are right to be outraged by the brutish behavior of Hollywood bigshots like Harvey Weinstein and that such behavior should result in serious consequences of both the social and legal variety. The real question is: When will we open our collective eyes and recognize that widespread sexual misbehavior is an inevitable byproduct of a sex-saturated culture?

Our opposition to indecent behavior seems to be a mile wide and an inch deep. While we are remarkably unified in our disdain for sexual harassment and assault, that galvanized opposition doesn’t extend to the epidemic’s underlying causes. We’re complacent toward the cultural trends that constantly push sex and sexuality upon our conscious and subconscious thoughts, the efforts to deaden our sensibilities and erase the boundaries that once defined a concept of decency.

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