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May 21st

The CATHOLIC VIRGINIAN refused to publish Pat Readon’s Letter

The following letter was refused by the Catholic Virginian and now you can read it on this important subject.

The Catholic Virginian
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294


For nearly a century, we have separated sex from reproduction in our contraceptive society.  This has been institutionalized for the last half century by abortion, the ultimate rejection as a God given gift.

Ghandi states that contraception does not liberate women, but rather, it enslaves them and is an insult to womanhood.  He notes that the modernization of contraception and abortion methods has emancipated sex from all moral restraints.  Ghandi saw the increase in homosexuality as a result of the abandonment of the reproductive purpose of sex.

Even Freud states that all sex is perverse if its only aim is pleasure, and the abandonment of reproduction.

Teddy Roosevelt states that contraception is race suicide and national death.

Even Atheist, George Bernard Shaw, calls contraception “mutual masturbation”.  He’s no moralist, but does recognize the truism on this matter.

The central issue here is will we normalize and even glorify sodomy, which was criminal and felonious until this century.  Sodomy is the only thing that the Bible labels as an abomination.

So three cheers for the, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Now the White House colors.

So be it.

Patrick A. Rearden, M.D.

Richmond, VA

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