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May 21st

Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution

Letter to the Editoar:The TIMES-DISPATCH INSIGHT 

“Transgender service members ‘at great risk’” noted that the military requires the immediate dismissal of any service member found to be transgender. However the article says that about 15,500 transgender people are serving in the military. They are apparently continuing to hide in the closet!

Why doesn’t the military want them serving? The reason is that this condition constitutes a mental disorder- it does not correspond with physical reality and it can lead to devastating psychological outcomes to the person involved. This is a condition that requires understanding and treatment.

Here in Virginia we have two examples concerning trans genders. One has to do with bathroom rights for a transgender in Gloucester County schools- a girl posing as a boy wanting to use the male bathroom. The other is a male, now a female, who was appointed Commissioner of Public Health for the State of Virginia by Governor McAuliffe.

Doctor Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, wrote an article for the WALL STREET JOURNAL stating that transgender surgery isn’t the solution. We need to be concerned with people suffering from gender identity.


Letter to Christianity Today:

The book review of LOVING MY (LGBT) NEIGHBOR states that author Glenn Stanton nonnegotiables includes- all people are made in God’s image and have “equal dignity and value.” There is no question that man is made in God’s image but is now born with a sinful nature. However all do not have equal dignity and value- Hitler and Stalin for extreme examples. Neither do adulterers, fornicators, the greedy and liars, murders and the members of the LGBT community have that equal dignity and value. God has made it clear they will not enter the Kingdom of God. Trying to love people that have serious mental and sinful problems and bring them in your circle of influence is not only unwise but can lead to dangerous relationships that can affect others.

Greene Hollowell
Richmond, VA

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