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Jun 18th

Webinar: Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance

VCA Advisory Board Member Brad Huddleston was recently asked by The Discipleship Place (International Church of the Nazarene) to conduct a webinar from his book Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance.

The webinar generation an enormous amount of positive feedback so Brad was invited back the next day for a full length Q & A session. Following are video links to both webinars.

For more information about Brad, visit his website here.

 Part I

 Part II

brad04 CroppedBrad Huddleston is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher and author on the important issues such as technology and culture. He has worked with universities, schools, churches and law enforcement, and spoken to tens of thousands around the world on both the advantages of well-used technology tools and the dangers of the growing trend toward technology addiction. Brad has an on-going collaboration with the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) and its Neuroscience Division at the University of South Africa. Brad has a degree in Computer Science and a Diploma of Biblical Studies. He's also a frequent guest on radio and television and author of Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance and The Dark Side of Technology: Restoring Balance in the Digital Age.

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