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Apr 27th

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Author and speaker, Dan Wolf, is gifted at gathering facts about contemporary subjects and sharing information in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Dan will be posting both historical and current information about Islam and Sharia on the VCA website.

Dan’s goal is to help readers get started on their own journey of discovery, or help them along the way on a journey they may have already begun. Our Founders considered education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society. Being successful requires understanding both the languages of reason and faith; reason alone is insufficient. Unfortunately, our education system no longer teaches what we need to know to remain free and independent, and as a result we are in danger of losing our way. But it is not too late. In the end we each have the freedom to choose, and the ability to learn. There are many who have already blazed a trail for us; we only need the will to embrace the challenge and make the effort.

Dan Wolf’s life can be divided into his career and vocation. By way of career, he is a successful professional with over twenty years’ experience helping organizations solve problems. He possesses a rich mix of research experience, analytical abilities, and the capability of turning complex abstract ideas into something tangible. He deeply believes that things do not happen in isolation; that understanding different facets leads to a better understanding of issues.

Dan is a CPA with a Master’s degree in Finance and two years of doctoral coursework in human judgment and decision-making. His vocation began at a young age with a penchant for history, but started in earnest with the events of 9/11. In trying to understand those events he has been led on a journey which has included learning the tenets of Islam, the contents and history of the Bible, and exploring Christian philosophical/theological thought related to our purpose. This purpose directly translates into how we should govern ourselves and is born out in the history of freedom’s development.

Dan has authored one book, Do You Want To Be Free, available at and is now writing his second book.

VCA readers may follow Dan at his website Living Rightly.  His email address is


13 Part Series : About  Islam

  1. The World Before Muhammad
  2. Islamic Borrowings and the Arabic Peoples
  3. Arab Ancestry and Language
  4. Muhammad’s Life and Teachings, Part I
  5. Muhammad's Life and Teachings, Part II
  6. The First Caliphs and the Umayyad Dynasty
  7. The Abbasid Dynasty – Part I, History
  8. The Abbasid Dynasty – Part II, Its Religious Development
  9. The Abbasid Dynasty – Part III, Dhimmitude
  10. The Ottoman Empire
  11. slam - An Overview (Brochure)
  12. Approximate Timeline of Mohammad’s Life (Appendix)

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