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Mar 23rd

Tom Clark1Tom Clark

Family Life Ambassador

Richmond, VA


 I grew up in a church-going household of four children and parents who loved their children, but did not understand a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I trusted Christ as my Savior at the age of 17, through conversation with a roommate while working out of state.

At the University of Texas I became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Through involvement in that ministry I gained assurance of my salvation, was introduced to the thrill of evangelism and discipleship, and acquired skills for personal spiritual growth and training others.

At graduation it was obvious to me that I wanted to be in full-time Christian work, so I joined the staff of Campus Crusade and served with them for seven years. Through my work with them I advanced in ministry skills and confirmed my calling to a ministry life. I also decided that a foundation of responsible academic preparation was a necessary next step.

I attended Dallas Theological Seminary and received my master’s degree in Old Testament studies. My wife and I then served 17 years as a Pastor of Outreach in New Jersey. I enrolled at Southeastern Baptist Seminary (SEBTS) in pursuit of a DMin degree to study marriage and gender roles and the development of biblical manhood. I completed this degree while serving as Pastor of Administration and Education at Grace Community Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. Following that I pursued certifications for “Transitional Leadership” from both LifeWay and the Center for Congregational Health. I was certified and lead some churches through a process of analysis and restoration.

I currently am doing a variety of ministries:

            FamilyLife was reaching out to cities from their center in Little Rock, AR, and realized it would be good to have workers in the cities. They discovered me as a pastor trained and interested in marriage ministry and they recruited me to serve churches, helping them to develop marriage and parenting-training ministries.

            Going to an Asian country to teach seminary-level theology courses to pastors. In their country there are no seminaries with a scholarly level, so this is an option for the pastors to receive education and training.

  • Working with some county churches on church unity - a ministry idea of Bless Richmond.

I have published a book on marriage (God’s Grand Design for Marriage) and am currently working on workbooks for BEE on the subjects of marriage and parenting.

I have written numerous seminars and enjoyed teaching them.

  •             Marriage
  •             Parenting
  •             Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  •             Evangelism and Outreach

Barb and I have two daughters and five grandchildren. We have been blessed and privileged in this area more than any other.

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