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Mar 23rd


Promoting Creationism as Revealed in the Book of Genesis, in Six 24-Hour Days

Refuting Darwinian Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Gap and Age-Day Theories, and Progressive Creationism 

Introduction: Creationism and evolution have been in opposition ever since the latter’s introduction by Charles Darwin in 1858.  Their conflicting views come as no surprise since creationism is derived from Christianity, while evolution is claimed to be derived from science. Christianity revolves around the concept of faith in Jesus Christ, and science revolves around the pursuit of evidence in nature. In light of today’s growing focus on science, it is essential to address the issue. Through this treatise, we hope to show that God is the true creator of all life on earth and that evolution is a biased and illogical explanation for the creation and sustaining of life.

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The authors of 2 of the most notorious, deadly theories/rulings predicted that if their assumptions proved false, their conclusions would collapse.

The first is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Charles Darwin said that if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ could not be formed by evolutionary methods, his theory would break down.* But he said he could find no such case. (If he believed the eye could come about by evolution, then DNA and other discoveries would not change his mind.) The other is the Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade decision. Justice Harry Blackmun wrote the verdict would collapse if Personhood is established for the fetus.** Human life beginning at conception is a fact of basic biological science. (I believe Justice Blackmun would probably not change his mind, because he knew the truth when he wrote the opinion.)

Why then are both still supported by the public?

In the case of evolution, most people do not believe the theory; they know a Creator has to be involved. But they feel like they cannot go against ‘science,’ so they accept or believe in “the unbelievable.”

A main key for support of evolution is that God is not involved, so you can live as you like, with no moral requirements. In the case of abortion, killing the baby has taken second place, because women want recreational sexual intercourse without the possible burden of rearing the child. This is of course supported by the sexually charged, irresponsible males.

Both evolution and abortion are responsible for millions of deaths, and the mindset of “survival of the fittest” and “man as an animal” have been responsible. Ours has become a coarse society, with widespread divorce, vulgarities and perverted sex. Already doctor-assisted suicide is legal in some states, paving the way for infanticide and euthanasia.

This is why we are informing, working and praying to stop the spread of these practices. – Greene Hollowell

logoDon Blake, Chairman/President
8659 Staples Mill Road, Henrico, VA 23228

*Darwin Quotes, Google. **Section IX, Paragraph A

Ark Encounter Film Captures Major Awards

christian worldview film festival award

As in the Days of Noah movie

As in the Days of Noah Awarded Best Short Film


Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

Thousands of guests have been impacted by this powerful drama at the Ark Encounter.

The new film As in The Days of Noah, shown at the Ark Encounter themed attraction of Answers in Genesis (AiG), was the recipient of two first-place movie awards at the 5th annual Christian Worldview Film Festival which concluded Saturday.

The international festival, held in the Nashville area and attended by over 1,000 people at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening, also gave a first-place award to AiG for Best Children’s Film for the movie Ice Age.



The film awards for AiG:

  • Best Short Film: As in the Days of Noah (25 minutes)
  • Best Gospel Presentation Film: As in the Days of Noah
  • Best Children’s Film: Buddy Davis for Ice Age

As in the Days of Noah was created especially for viewing by guests at the Ark Encounter themed attraction of AiG, south of Cincinnati. Ark visitors can view the film on large screens on the third deck of the massive Ark.

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New Diet Study Matches Genesis

Brian Thomas, M.S.  | ICR

Dr. Christopher Gardner, director of nutrition studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, and his colleagues conducted a study on 609 overweight and obese adults living in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Nutritionists coached the adults not to bother with counting calories. They should eat until they felt full, but eat plenty of vegetables and whole foods. The study results held a few surprises.

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When Did Noah's Flood Happen?

when flood happen chart1

Brian Thomas, M.S. | ICR

when flood happen highlightsUnlike all other religious texts, the Bible supplies hundreds of time stamps for key events. They let us test the Bible against itself and the history recorded outside the Bible. However, not all the Bible’s timed events add up easily since ancient authors used different counting practices at different times.

For example, they may have begun counting the years of a king’s reign while that king’s father was still on the throne. Recent success in calculating a precise biblical timeline back to Abraham suggests that dating Bible events can reach back even further than that.

It took scholars a long time to solve enough time riddles so they could determine Abram’s birth at 2166 B.C.1What took them so long? Too many assumed Scripture got various details wrong. That led to confusion. But a few hoped thorough study might reveal that the Bible has a coherent chronology—a timeline that keeps perfect harmony with every time-related verse.

They finally worked out the Bible’s exact timeline back to Abraham.

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Is Evolution a Lie?

is evolution a lie highlights

By Brian Thomas, M.S. | Institution of Creation Research

In the view of modern culture, how could anyone be so foolish as to doubt evolution? After all, its defenders point to all kinds of examples to back their beliefs. A thoughtful look, though, at two categories of examples—past and present—reveals how far the grand story of evolution strays from reality.

First, it helps to know what the word “evolution” means to the person using it. If it merely means that certain animal traits change between generations, that’s hard to refute. But most people use the term to recap a drawn-out cosmic story of how hydrogen formed stars, stars formed planets, living cells formed on planets, and single-celled life developed into every living thing on Earth. Now, that’s tough to defend—but many still try.

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Using Bible history to interpret the rocks and landscapes

fig 2 geological model simplified

Tas Walker |

Geologists have long recognized that history is fundamental to their discipline. Traditionally, the science has been split into two parts—physical geology and historical geology. Before we can make sense of the rocks we need to know what happened in the past—we need a reliable history of the earth.

 fertilization conception science

Figure 1. Simplified timeline of Bible history.


Long-age assumptions


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The Fossil Record and the Fall of Darwin’s Last Icon

FossilRecord 001

This article is taken from the proceedings of the symposium ‘The Two Shall Become One’ held in Rome in September 2015, jointly sponsored by Human Life International and the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation.

by John M. Wynne 


Depictions of human evolution may be the most recognized of all Darwinian “icons,” as most people have been exposed to images such as those in Figure 1 since their youth.  As recent fossil finds have transformed this icon into a complex timeline, as in Figure 2, paleoanthropologists continue to insist that the strength of the fossil evidence mandates viewing human evolution as a scientific fact.[1]  Even as other Darwinian claims have been increasingly abandoned, the staunch defense of this last icon has continued and intensified.

This paper explains that Darwin’s last icon has now fallen.  In other words, a critical review of the fossil record using the information in the scientific literature leads to the conclusion that there is no viable evolutionary sequence leading from a common ancestor with the chimpanzee to modern humans.

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Evolution, Not What They Once Said

suncor 1

Darwin and Nownodosaur fossil canadian mine face.adapt .1900.1 300x200

The armored dinosaur fossil preserved in exquisite detail unearthed in a western Canadian oil sand mine highlights the new daunting challenges facing the theory of evolution. This stunningly preserved fossil is shattering long-standing paradigms.

“The more I look at it,” said Michael Greshko science writer for National Geographic, “the more mind-boggling it becomes.”

Caleb Brown, a paleobiologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum where the fossil was placed on exhibit in August, explained to Greshko, “We don’t just have a skeleton… We have a dinosaur as it would have been.” The museum is host to one of the largest dinosaur collections in the world.

Now the fossil, known as Borealopelta markmitchelli (pictured), has the evolution industry struggling to place a new species in the mythical world of biological evolution, not what they once said it should be.

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Harvard-Educated Scientist Gives 4 New Claims Against Darwin

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson a Research Biologist and Speaker published an article on Crosswalk giving four reasons Darwin's on the origin of species is no longer a "settled" point of view

1. The number of known species grew dramatically.
2. On the question of the origin of species, the most important field of science was born.
3. Creationist ideas matured.
4. Modern genetic discoveries turned the tables on the origins debate.

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The Creation Account in the Holy Bible and the Atheistic Alternate – Evolution

Greene Hollowell 2012 150AGreene Hollowell

I believe in the Creation Account given in the Bible book of Genesis. God, through Jesus, created all there is in heaven and earth during a 6 day period. The context in Genesis indicates a day of 24 hours. The 24 hour day is affirmed in Exodus 20, Commandment 4 of the 10 Commandments. In addition the Bible provides times and dates that allow the time of creation to be establish at approximately 4,000 years before Christ.

The majority of scientist and biology teachers do not believe the Creation Account but substitute an alternate idea of the creation of the universe involving billions of years of random mutations, natural selection and survival of the fittest, all started by THE BIG BANG. The absolute key of evolution is that Creator God was not involved in the process. They insist that this process is not just a theory but a law of science, like the law of gravity. Most of these believers are atheistic or are compromised Christians who have to toe the line of the evolutionist to keep their jobs.

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Big Bang Scientists: Universe Shouldn't Exist

Jake Hebert, Ph.D. *
Evidence for Creation
Institute for Creation Research

Recently, the asymmetry matter/antimatter problem, one of the most serious objections to the Big Bang model, just got a little worse.1,2 The asymmetry problem involves the fact that there is very little antimatter in the universe. Antimatter is just like normal matter, except that some of its properties are opposite that of normal matter. For instance, the antimatter equivalent to the electron is called the positron. The positron has the same mass as an electron but with a positive charge, rather than negative. Likewise, the antimatter counterpart to a proton is the anti-proton which has the same mass as a proton but with a negative charge.

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Two Days Only, November 13th & 16th: Creation movie! GENESIS: PARADISE LOST


Movie Trailer  and Showing locations in Virginia below

"GENESIS: PARADISE LOST lets viewers experience the very foundation of our faith— in the beginning, God!"
Eric Hovind, President of Creation Today

Genesis Apologetics is happy to stand behind another great Creation movie! GENESIS: PARADISE LOST will be playing in hundreds of theaters ONE NIGHT ONLY (November 13th). We anticipate theaters will sell out. Listen for our ticket promotions on K-LOVE & the FISH!  Showings in VIRGINIA, click HERE 

"Genesis: Paradise Lost lets viewers experience the very foundation of our faith— in the beginning, God!" —Eric Hovind, President of Creation Today

 If there is one part of the Bible that has undergone more scrutiny and abuse than any other, it is the beginning—Genesis. The heated debate over origins has questioned the Creation and ultimately the Creator. So what exactly happened at "Creation," in the "Beginning"? Enter GENESIS: PARADISE LOST!   


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