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Celebrate a Creation Sunday this February 15, 2015 - Not an Evolution Sunday!

Creation Sunday 2015

Dear Pastor,

For many Christians, holidays are a time to reflect upon faith – and stir it up by way of remembrance (2 Peter 1:13). At Christmas, we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ. On Good Friday, we reflect upon the awful price that paid for our sins. On Resurrection Sunday (Easter), we praise God for the risen Savior and the promise of eternal life.

But in recent years pastors in Christian churches around the world have begun celebrating a different sort of holiday, Evolution Sunday, literally preaching Darwin from the pulpit. Unlike truly Christian holidays, this one erodes faith and undermines the Bible, replacing the Genesis narrative with a “sacred story” of suffering, thorns, disease, and death – all in the world before sin – with a dash of Goddidit to disarm objectors. Evolution Sunday began in 2006 to promote evolution among religious communities and convince them that belief in God is compatible with evolution. Those who promote Evolution Sunday insist that the church must adapt biblical doctrine to millions of years of microbes-to-man evolution, or perish.

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Evolution and Creation- Both Are Unbelievable!

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A


 The majority of scientist and biology teachers say the Universe came about from nothing, accidentally by random chance; that everything evolved from a Big Bang and God was not involved. They insist that Evolution is more than a theory: it is a fact! Their authority comes from their having earned a PhD in some scientific field, which they feel gives them a superior ability to make determinations about the history of our Origins.

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What Is the Gap Theory?

Rob Franzen

A summary taken from the book Creation Under Fire.

My purpose here is simply to educate; I am not defending any particular position or particular age of the earth, which I’m not really concerned about. My concern is, however, to promote and defend the integrity of Scripture from obvious errors that have risen and been promoted.

In short, the gap theory teaches that a long undetermined amount of time transpired between verses one and two of Genesis chapter one. It teaches that the cosmos and the earth had been created long before the creation week described in Genesis chapter one, with animals and dinosaurs; some versions have a race of humanoids as well. It teaches that Satan fell during this time and ruled the earth and corrupted it so badly, that God had to destroy the earth by a global flood indicated by the waters in verse 2, before re-creating it starting in verse 3. It is also known as the “pre-Adamite theory,” or the “ruin-restoration theory.”

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Genesis Confirmed in Clay


Creation Ministries | A review of The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis by Bill Cooper, Creation Science Movement, UK, 2011

Reviewed by Dominic Statham

Bill Cooper is vice-president of the Creation Science Movement in the UK, and a respected historian and scholar. On behalf of the British Library, he transcribed and edited the latest reprint of John Wycliffe’s 1388 translation of the New Testament.1 He has also authored a number of articles and books, including the acclaimed After the Flood,2 in which he documents how the earliest Europeans recorded their descent from Noah. His latest book, The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis, is a veritable feast, with over 400 pages packed with well-documented facts confirming the historicity of the first book of the Bible.

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Evolution Versus Creation

Tom Clark1

Discussion of how naturalistic evolution is not realistic

God’s Creation - in one form or another - is realistic

A.    Naturalistic Evolution is what “unbelievers” believe.

The idea of our existence on earth as a natural formation started centuries early - perhaps as early as BC 300. The basic description of evolution then began with Charles Darwin in 1838 onward as he focused on “natural selection.” His book On the Origin of Species was published in 1859.

One of the things to see is that people who focus on evolution do not believe in God’s creation, and that is one of the reasons that they commit themselves to both naturalism and evolution.

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The Gospel Pillar

Creation Under Fire by Robert E Franzen

An excerpt from Rob Franzen's new book, Creation Under Fire Concise

In 2005 I came out with a book entitled, Creation Under Fire from within the Church.  That book was the result of several years of study and research surrounding the question of whether there was a gap of time between the first two verses of the Bible.  Two-thirds of the book is basically a critique of the “gap theory” along with other creation theories within the church.  Researching this matter, I was overtaken by the vastness of the subject of creation. 

It went way beyond any one particular theory.  I caught the vision, if you will, discovering how immensely important the subject of our origin really is, and why Satan has made every effort to pervert it from the beginning.  It is by design that the waters of our origin are so muddy and filled with controversy and confusion.  God is not the author of confusion. 

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Does Belief in Science Make Science a God


First Published in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Michael Eppers' recent letter condemning Ken Ham's stand in the recent debate with Bill Nye the "Science Guy" is just another attack by an uninformed atheist [" Scientific Evidence Trumps Religious Views ," May 6].

The question asked was what would it take to change your mind (deny God).

Ken Ham answered properly and said nothing would change his mind or get him to deny the true God of the Bible.

The real and only God established the science we have today. Of course Christians believe in science. God established science, and on occasion God exceeds the principles he established to perform miracles.

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Ice Core Ring "Science"

Larry Ingles 150

Larry Ingels, P.E., a VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE Advisor comments on the misleading example by Bill Nye, the 'Science Guy', in his debate with Ken Ham concerning so call 'annual' ice rings. 

Bill Nye, the “Science Guy”, in his recent debate with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, made reference to the ice core evidence concerning the age of the earth. Mr. Nye and many other scientists are apparently convinced that all the rings found in ice cores are annual rings.

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Concerning Evolution and Change

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A


From Non-Living Chemicals (a primordial slime or pond of warm inert goo)*
Into Simple Life Forms (amoebas)
Into More Complex Life Forms (primates)
Finally into humans (orangutans to Orientals, gorillas to Negros, chimpanzees to Caucasians, and (this is new) kangaroos** to Australians.

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Concerning Creation

Greene Hollowell 2012 150A

God’s creative acts to make heaven and earth are miraculous in nature. These acts concerning our origins would not be subject to man’s scientific investigations and speculations even if he were there at the time of creation and equipped with knowledge and instruments of today. The miraculous cannot be explained by science. Science is just a tool we have to examine, study and experiment with.

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Does the Creation Model Make Predictions? Absolutely!


In the historic debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, Nye insisted repeatedly that the creation model was not scientific and that it did not make predictions. This was in spite of the several creationist predictions that Ken Ham had outlined in his opening statement. Though many more could have been given, this sampling should have sufficed.

In a public debate, it is extremely difficult to give a very detailed explanation, so I am thankful for an opportunity to write an article detailing exactly how the creation model led me to make a specific creationist prediction in my own research which has been verified by results from evolutionists themselves.

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How Darwin Got It Wrong

Larry Ingles 150

At a recent Creation meeting in Fredericksburg, VA, we viewed a DVD “How Darwin Got It Wrong”, from Creation Ministries International (CMI). The speaker was Dr. John Sanford, a noted scientist from Cornel University. He covered seven areas where Charles Darwin “got it wrong”.  

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Evolution vs. God

Evolution vs God

Bill Nowers writes:

Darwin started it, the intentional blurring of microevolution into a belief of macroevolution. Darwin collected hundreds of specimens during his two year voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle. How many of these specimens were indicative of macroevolution? If you guessed none, correct, go to the head of the class. Even Darwin's most famous specimens, the finches, did not show the slightest indication of being anything but finches.

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