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Jul 20th


A Horse is a Horse, Of Course!

Evolutionists claim all things evolved from some cosmic soup, but we know that God created all things, and all things procreate after their kind. So, a horse is a horse, of course, and was never a fish.

The picture left shows the world’s tallest living horse and the world’s smallest. At 202 cm (6 ft 7½ inches) from hoof to shoulder, the Belgian draught horse “Radar” towers over the 44.5 cm (17½ inch) high miniature brown mare “Thumbelina”.1 (see photo)

7902horse-variationBoth are fully grown and live in the USA—Radar is from Texas while Thumbelina was born in Missouri. He weighs 1,090 kg (2,400 lb)—everything’s bigger in Texas!?—while she weighs just 29.5 kg (65 lb).

Even allowing for the fact that males tend to be larger than females, this shows there is evidently great variation possible in the size of horses. This variation has nothing to do with evolution. Rather, such variety is a nice example of the variation built into the original created horse kind (Genesis 1:24 - 25)—all the various kinds of creatures were each created to reproduce “after their kind”. Radar is not “more evolved” than Thumbelina—notwithstanding evolutionists’ attempts to portray horses as having evolved over millions of years from a creature about Thumbelina’s size. We have earlier shown that neither fossil evidence nor present-day observations lend support to the much-touted textbook claims2 of horse evolution.3,4 Radar is a horse. Thumbelina is a horse. And if they were to have an offspring (perhaps by artificial insemination?), it too would be a horse—of course!

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Source for this article,  please visit Creation Ministries International.


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