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Apr 25th


Creation - how did God do it?


Posted May 31, 2010

The first chapters of Genesis leave us in no doubt whatsoever about how God created the universe. On the six successive days of creation, God spoke and what He said happened. That is to say, the means that God used to create the universe and all things in it was His Word.

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The occasions of his speaking, from Genesis chapter 1, verses 3–26 (NIV), are as follows:

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Atheists to Co-Opt Theistic Evolutionist Leadership

Ken_hamNot Ashamed, "Here I Stand"

by  Ken Ham

The words attributed to Martin Luther almost 500 years ago--when he boldly stood on the authority of God's Word against the compromisers of the day--often echo in my mind: "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me." 

How we need God's people today to be like Luther.  We need boldness to show that we are not ashamed of the gospel (Romans 1:16) and will handle the Word of God unashamedly. (II Timothy 2:15) 

Sadly, as we have illustrated as many times in this newsletter over the years, the majority of theologians and church leaders (and most of the people of their congregations) will not stand on God's Word in Genesis.

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Is the earth 4.6 Billions Years old?

Or, is the earth only 2,191,000 days (6,000 years) old?

Creation Worldview Ministries

In various previous articles I have discussed specific Geochronometers which scientifically show that our earth, solar system, galaxy and universe are young, perfectly consistent with 6,000 years. The reason that I have gone to such great lengths about this subject is simple. The question of age, great or small, is the key issue in the evolution-creation debate. If the earth were old, it would not make evolution true. It would only mean that there might have been enough time for evolution to have occurred. If the earth is young, then no theory of evolution could possibly be true.

The general public has accepted the great ages of the earth and universe espoused by evolutionists because they are poorly informed. The public school system, dominated as it is by secular humanists, has taught their religion and its tenets. The liberal press and equally liberal Hollywood has furthered their cause of secularism by uniting behind a great age for the earth and universe. Even Christian schools are no guarantee that a young earth position will be taught scientifically in their curriculum.

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