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Jul 19th


Cain’s wife and brother-sister intermarriages

From Creation Ministries Internationals

Nicholas J. from the USA disputes our solution for Mrs Cain because of the Mosaic Law against brother-sister intermarriage, and proposes an alternative. Dr Jonathan Sarfati of CMI–US (formerly CMI–Australia) defends our solution, explains the reason for the Jewish law, and why it didn't apply to Cain.

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First Adam - Last Adam


Both are vital to the Gospel ... but exactly how?

The Bible presents Adam as the first man, and gives the Lord Jesus Christ the curious title of 'the last Adam' (1 Corinthians 15:45). What does this term mean, and why is it given? What are the similarities between Adam and Jesus that warrant Jesus having this title? What are the differences?

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Top 10 Consequences of Evolution?


 Smithsonian blunders again!

When as venerable an institution as the Smithsonian puts out an article, one would expect it to have sound scientific information, even if we would disagree with the evolutionary interpretation of that information. Yet it gained infamy when it booted out researcher Dr Richard Sternberg merely for publishing a pro—intelligent-design article in the journal Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington which he edited (see the documentary Expelled).

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Insect Fossil Flies in the Face of Gradual Evolution


Never before had the fossil of a flying insect been discovered in Carboniferous rocks, which are said to be over 300 million years old. But now, amazing impressions have been found in "sandstone with thin mudstone drapes," according to a technical report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.1 This fossil shows that fully developed flight features appeared suddenly in the fossil record, with no trace of gradual evolution.

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A Horse is a Horse, Of Course!


Evolutionists claim all things evolved from some cosmic soup, but we know that God created all things, and all things procreate after their kind. So, a horse is a horse, of course, and was never a fish.

The picture left shows the world’s tallest living horse and the world’s smallest. At 202 cm (6 ft 7½ inches) from hoof to shoulder, the Belgian draught horse “Radar” towers over the 44.5 cm (17½ inch) high miniature brown mare “Thumbelina”.1 (see photo)

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A Tale of Two Fleas


Imagine a colony of fleas living inside a motor car, the only home they have ever known. Two of them—let’s call them C and E—begin to scientifically investigate this world of theirs. By studying the processes going on in the car, they discover all the basic laws of chemistry and physics—motion, gravity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and so on.

Everything they have learned can be proved by repeatable experiments, so they eventually agree on every conclusion. Finally a young flea asks them a fateful question: ‘How did this car come about in the first place?’

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Racism - A Consequence of evolution?


What’s wrong with the picture below? More blatantly than most, it typifies the racism inherent in a lot of human evolutionary progressions. Did you notice that the transitional hominid just before the end (second from right) looks like a modern-day African (albeit a bit scruffier), while the pinnacle of human evolution is a ‘white’ European-looking man? Why is a white person as a representative of modern humans, when a majority of the world’s population has medium-brown skin, eyes, and hair coloration? The subtle message here is that lighter skin means that the individual is more evolved. (also see related Creationism articles)

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The Emergent Deception: The Evolution Factor

“Brian McLaren: Christians in denial over evolution of faith,” screamed one headline.1 Another reprint of the same article quoted him as saying, “Evolutionary Christianity has freed me.”2 When we wrote about the Evolutionary Christianity teleseminar series, we said it was unclear what exactly the ‘rockstar of the emergent church’ (not our moniker for him) had to add to a discussion about evolutionary Christianity. Given the favorable press his teleseminar session received, it seemed worth revisiting it.3

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Syntax and semantics in Genesis 1


New versions of the once popular “gap” theory are now arising. The motive is the same—to accommodate an old universe (and Earth) into Genesis 1, but to still retain a recent, literal six-day Creation Week. However, correct exegesis with close attention to syntax and semantics, plus the recognition of no verb tenses in the Hebrew, preclude any possible “reading” of long ages into the Hebrew of the key texts, verses 1–3 and 14–16. The strongest argument confirming the traditional view that Genesis 1:1 describes the creation of a young universe at the beginning of Day One of Creation Week is still the link to Genesis 1:2 through the word “earth”.

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Earth Was Created for Life


Institute for Creation

Our solar system is filled with amazing planets, but none are perfect for life except the earth.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It gets very hot and very cold. It has a very slow spin. The side facing the sun is heated to 800 (F) while the side away from the sun is cooled to –298 degrees (F).

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Conference Concludes Origin of Life Research Is at a Standstill


The Institute for Creation Research

Where did the first living cell come from? According to The Independent, Charles Darwin "was flummoxed by the ultimate mystery of mysteries: what led to the origin of life itself?"1

Since Darwin's time, his naturalistic followers have been diligently seeking the answer. During a recent conference at Arizona State University, a collection of scientists discussed this very question. By the end of the discussion, the answer was clear—they don't know.

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The Origin of Language


Theories of the origin of language are first discussed from a linguistic point of view in secular writing. Evolution had less effect on linguistics than on other social sciences, yet history shows that secondary effects were felt. No true link has ever been found with animal communication. The work of Noam Chomsky brought linguists back to uniquely human origins for language, but the question is so complex that little headway can be made without investigation of mental factors.

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Catholic Pontifical Academy of Science (PSA) Dominated by Atheistic Evolutionist and Theistic Evolutionist

Maciej Giertych is a retired Polish Professor of Genetics and currently a member of the European Parliament. He is fluent in English & each year sends an update of his activities.

He is one of the very few anti-evolution scientists who does not inject the "religion" element in his publications against macro-evolution.

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