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Nov 24th

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2012 Redemption Ministries Convention February 24-25, 2012


Bishop Dayton Birt invited Don Blake and The Virginia Christian Alliance to be one of the Convention Exhibitors. The Convention was held in Virginia Beach at The Founder's Inn at Regent University. The convention drew about 500 pastors and church leaders from North Carolina and Virginia. It was a refreshing Pentecostal event.

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Pro-Life Groups Urge Governor McDonnell to Push Pro-Life Legislation


January 6, 2012

Virginia Christian Alliance leaders meet with Governor Bob McDonnell’s Secretary & Senior Public Policy Advisor, Jasen Eige, and several staff members.  Representing the Virginia Christian Alliance was Bishop Gerald O. Glenn, National Chairman for Care Net Life Ambassadors, Chesterfield; Mrs. Rita Dunaway, JD, Legal Counsel for the Rutherford Institute, Charlottesville; Mrs. Louantha Kerr, 40 Days for Life, Portsmouth, VA; Dr. John W. Seeds, MD, Sr. Assoc. Dean of Professional Education Programs and Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Radiation, VCU Medical Center, Richmond; Mrs. Terry T. Beatley, Chairman, No Excuse Ministry, Fredericksburg; Mrs. Diana DeBoe, Virginia Coalition for Life, Virginia Beach;  Dean Welty, Director of the Valley Family Forum, Harrisonburg; and Don Blake, Chairman, Virginia Christian Alliance, Henrico, VA.

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Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Homecoming Event

Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Homecoming Event |

November 13 – 15, 2011

Grove Avenue Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

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Pastors’ Luncheon at Liberty Terrace Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA October 4, 2011


Pastors' Luncheon at Liberty Terrace Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA October 4, 2011

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Herman Cain Visits Richmond, VA In his Bid for Republican Presidential Candidate October 2011


Herman Cain Visits Richmond, VA In his Bid for Republican Presidential Candidate October 2011


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New Deliverance Evangelistic Church October 2, 2011,


October 2, 2011, New Deliverance Evangelistic Church


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Virginia Christian Alliance Takes Pastors to DC for a Day on the Hill On September 13, 2011


On September 13, 2011, Virginia Christian Alliance took a busload of pastors to Washington to visit with Congressman Eric Cantor. There were pastors from Norfolk, Fredericksburg, Colonial Beach, Kinsale, Colonial Heights, Beaverdam, and the Richmond area. Our pastors were taken on a tour of the Capitol and then met for 30 minutes with Congressman Cantor in the House Majority Leader’s Conference Room to discuss public policy and current issues. Our pastors were treated to lunch in The Capitol Club and heard some inspiring speakers.

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Virginia’s “The Response” Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis


Meadowood Church of Christ in Richmond

Virginia_Christian_Alliance_Chairman_Don_BlakeVirginia Christian Alliance Chairman, Don Blake

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Pastors Preaching Power to Godly Government


Virginia Christian Alliance and New Deliverance Fellowship Conference of Churches "Pastors Preaching Power to Godly Government" Luncheon on July 21, 2010


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Stars and Stripes Spectacular

 July 2, 2011 Spotsylvania County Court House

Virginia Christian Action


Pastor Michael Hirsch with Don Blake, Terry Beatley, Mary Mann, and Stan Huie

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Virginia Coalition for Life and Virginia Christian Alliance attend Homeschoolers Convention June 2011


Virginia Christian Alliance Homeschoolers' Convention in Richmond June 6-9, 2011

Don_Blake_VCA_Chairman_Bill__Sandra_Goode__Diana_DeBoeDon Blake, VCA Chairman, Bill & Sandra Goode & Diana DeBoe

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Christian Citizenship and Godly Government Breakfast with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli


June 16th, 2011

The Virginia Christian Alliance and the Bragg Hill Family Life Center presented "Christian Citizenship and Godly Government" Almost 300 clergy, Christian leaders and concerned Virginians attended to hear the keynote speakers.  The news after the event spread across the state and beyond as a powerful message from the Virginia Attorney General called upon pastors to speak out on social issues.  The VCA knows the culture wars are raging and the other side is winning and urges the leadership in the church house to take a stand.  Speaker Terry Beatley's message of taking the Counter Initiative (Hosea 4:6) is a call to action to all Pastors, lay leaders and church members across the state. 

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Christian Citizenship and Godly Government Breakfast, June 16, 2011


Virginia Christian Alliance and Fredericksburg Christian Schools cordially invite Pastors and leaders in Fredericksburg and the surrounding area to attend a special breakfast on June 16, 2011.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli — Pastors, Pulpit and the Law
Bishop Harry Jackson — God, Country and Family
Moderator Terry BeatleyHosea 4:6 Outreach


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Valley Family Forum’s Tenth Annual Shenandoah Valley Salute to Family


A Celebration of God and Country with Bishop E.W. Jackson

May 13, 2011

Valley Family Forum

The Virginia Christian Alliance board members gathered together to support the Forum's 10th Salute to Family Dinner

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The Eugenics Connection to Planned Parenthood

An interview with Terry Beatley of the Virginia Christian Alliance by David Alan Carmichael, VCA Consultant

Terry Beatley is the guest on the Jon Cash show, WHKT 1650 AM, Hampton Roads, Va., where she explains the eugenics connection to Planned Parenthood, and the systematic attack upon the black American population.

Click on the play button below to hear how eungenics is part of the Planned Parenthood agenda.

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Virginia Christian Alliance Outreach April 18, 2011


Outreach 2011


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WAZT-TV Interviews the Virginia Christian Alliance


A Celebration of God and Country, with Dean Welty

 So how is it on the other side of the mountain? Do people in Richmond feel the same way about where they live? Do they have the same love of God & Country that we do? Are they also concerned about the direction of America, and willing to step up and do something about it? If so, who are they, and how can we work together to help advance Kingdom values in Virginia?

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Virginia Call to Prayer Day has Been Declared April 6, 2011


Join Your State and National Elected Leaders for an Historic Event at the State Capital

America's right to trust in God is under attack. Your state and national elected leaders have declared April 6, 2011, as the Virginia Call to Prayer Day! You are invited to the State Capitol to stand with your elected officials:

  • Support the formation of the Virginia Commonwealth Prayer Caucus, a bi-partisan group of state legislators united to defend America's right to trust in God.
  • Sign the Virginia Call to Prayer Proclamation.
  • Sign the re-affirmation of our national motto: In God We Trust


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Texas Governors Inaugration January 18, 2011


January 17th, 2011 Austin, Texas

The Inauguration of Texas Governor Rick Perry consisted of the Monday night reception and dinner meeting the day before his inauguration.  One hundred Christian leaders received special invitations to attend Governor Perry's prayer breakfast and inaugruation in Houston Texas. Two of these were from the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors, Chairman Don Blake and Reverend Dean Nelson      (Rev. Nelson could not attend).

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Virginia House of Delegates Passes The Inalienable Right to Life Bill


Richmond, Virginia, February 9 (Virginia Christian Alliance) - Core Issue | Sanctity of Life

Praise God! The bill passed the House yesterday by a vote of 62-36!

On the floor of the House, the legislation faced fierce opposition from three delegates who were on the Subcommittee and Committee where the bill was debated for the past two years. What was telling about their arguments was that they largely centered on the language of the bill that states that "life begins at

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Virginia Pro-Life Groups Call on Governor McDonnell to Act after Planned Parenthood Exposed

Richmond, Virginia, February 5 (Virginia Christian Alliance) - Core Issue | Sanctity of Life

Virginia Pro-Life Groups Call on Governor McDonnell Again to Regulate Abortion Clinics After Planned Parenthood Sting By Live-Action

This is a joint release by Virginia Christian Alliance, Virginia Rally for Life and Hampton Roads for Life.  

Thursday, February 4, 2011 the Commonwealth of Virginia made unwelcomed national news and negative attention.  The group, California based Live-Action, exposed Planned Parenthood Clinics in Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville and Falls Church and caught them once again, as they have in 10 other Planned Parenthood Clinics across the U.S., apparently coaching an undercover couple on ways to help young girls of 14 & 15 bypass Virginia parental consent laws and loopholes in regulations. 

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Richmond, Virginia, February 5 (Virginia Christian Alliance) - Core Issue | Sanctity of Life

After failing miserably in the Senate Ed & Health Committee on Thursday, The Inalienable Right to Life Bill passed through the House Committee on Courts of Justice last night by a vote of 14-7. Please join me in giving thanks to God for this incredible victory!


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Virginia Christian Alliance Disappointed in Republican Leaders Failure To Stand Against Homosexual Agenda

Richmond, Virginia, February 2 (Virginia Christian Alliance) - Core Issue | Sexual Purity

Yesterday, Virginia could have boldly led the way for states to uphold their rightful sovereignty over the policies of the National Guard rather than be forced to adhere to the overturning of 232 years of American military policy with the repeal of the federal policy of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” (DADT).  Instead, the Virginia House of Delegates Rules Committee, with the exception of two members, Del. Lacy Putney (I-19) and Del. Joe Johnson, Jr. (D-4), voted to kill HB2474, patroned by Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13).  HB2474 would have allowed Virginia’s National Guard to ban open homosexuals from serving in the Guard, thus keeping the current policy in effect. 

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Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Meeting

Reported by Tom White,

Sometimes, in the process of documenting and covering events for this blog, I have been witness to a number of events that I know at the time are going to make a significant impact on the future of the city, the State or the Country.

Such an event occurred in an inner city church called Mt. Olivet in downtown Richmond, Va. a few days ago.

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Virginia Rally for Life: Richmond, VA January 13, 2011



On January 13, 2011, the frigid early morning temperatures were obliged to yield to the dedicated and determined witness to Life of the attendees at the Virginia Rally for Life.  As pro-lifers flowed into the area around the Richmond Capitol Bell Tower, they were warmed by the lilting voice of Maddy Curtis from Northern Virginia accompanied by one of Virginia Beach’s top musical trios, Tim Able and his two sons, Colin and Chandler. 

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