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Jul 17th

The Eugenics Connection to Planned Parenthood

An interview with Terry Beatley of the Virginia Christian Alliance by David Alan Carmichael, VCA Consultant

Terry Beatley is the guest on the Jon Cash show, WHKT 1650 AM, Hampton Roads, Va., where she explains the eugenics connection to Planned Parenthood, and the systematic attack upon the black American population.

Click on the play button below to hear how eungenics is part of the Planned Parenthood agenda.

Previously, the Virginia Christian Alliance has been showing the Maafa21 movie such as at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church along with the Council on Biblical Principles, here.

The movie exposes a hidden plan to eliminate the African-American population. The movie is stunning and VCA urges all Christians to view the movie and become informed.  See clip.

Here is more information on black genocide.

Maafa 21 Website: Website:

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