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Jul 17th

LASTING LOVE - Enduring Secrets For Marital Success

Here is a new and inspiring book by Chuck and Kathie Crismier. In this book they share a powerful motto that dramatically changed their marriage after 37 years. They are now sharing this with us as they have just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Chuck and Kathie have lived in Richmond since 1993, when the Lord called them to leave their lucrative California law practice to go to "the birthplace of America." Chuck says, "The Lord said,' Chuck, you've been pleading the cause of men long enough (20 years). Now I want you to plead My cause in the land as a Voice to the Church, giving Vision to the Nation'

In 1993, Chuck formed SAVE AMERICA Ministries to "Rebuild the Foundations of Faith and Freedom." Then, in 1995, he launched VIEWPOINT, a national daily radio program, "Confronting the Deepest Issues of America's Heart and Home" from God's eternal perspective. The program and website is now accessed worldwide in 80 countries. VIEWPOINT can be heard LIVE daily from 4:05 to 5:00PM on AM590 and FM 97.7 as well as in Colonial Heights. It can also be heard via the website any time of the day or night. Listeners say, you cannot listen to Viewpoint long and not be changed."

The Crismier's have written two books together...LASTING LOVE and The POWER of Hospitality, which have become life messages on which they speak across the country. In LastingLove-500x500addition, Chuck has authored a number of other books, including :

              KING of the Mountain - The Epic, Eternal and End Time Battle

              SEDUCTION of the Saints - Staying Pure in a World of Deception

              RENEWING the SOUL of AMERICA

              OUT of Egypt

              PRESERVE US A NATION

Chuck served as chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force for Virginia from 1994 through 1998. He has worked with pastors in a variety of ways throughout our region for well over 20 years, including forming monthly gatherings called "Pastor to Pastor" to assist in forming meaningful relationships.

The Crismiers can be reached via or at 1(800)SAVEUSA

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