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Dec 14th

God Ordained Family

How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage? Men and Women -In God’s Design and Calling

Tom Clark1

The idea of manhood and womanhood is a biblical idea, whereas cultures go in different directions. Formerly men were in charge, but today women are influenced by “feminism” perspectives.

The idea is that in former years - before Christ up to about 1850 - men were in charge. Over time, the culture began to accept women as equalities. In 1920 America let women vote, and then in the 1960s the feminism became a cultural perspective. Feminism believes that women are the same as men, and that women should focus on jobs more than on marriage and parenting.

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States That Voted Against Gay Marriage Now Have It Forced Upon Them


Katrina Trinko | The Daily Signal 

This isn’t OK.

The Supreme Court’s decision today to not hear any of the cases on same-sex marriage means, as my colleague Ryan T. Anderson writes, that “lower court rulings that struck down state marriage laws now will go into effect, forcing the redefinition of marriage in [Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Oklahoma and Utah] and potentially in other states in the 4th, 7th, and 10th circuits.”

That shouldn’t be acceptable—regardless of your position on same-sex marriage.

Voters in 31 states voted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage: Manhood and Womanhood

Tom Clark1

Introduction Thought

What we saw before was the idea of “equal” but “different” - that men and women are equal before God, equal in salvation, and equally important to God’s kingdom.

But they are different. God created men and women differently in design and assignments. What we will look at now is a difference between our culture and God’s Word. The culture believes that our flesh is acceptable to us, and that we do no need to submit to biblical ideas.

Here are two cultural ideas in opposition of the Bible:

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How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage? Husband Role in Marriage

Tom Clark1

Introduction Thought

In the previous article we saw husbands and wives as “equal” but “different.” We focused on the idea that husbands and wives are equal - they are equal before God, equal in salvation, and equally important to God’s kingdom.

But they are different. The idea is that God created men and women with differences in design and assignments. What we will look at now is assignment to a husband. The issue is that a husband should pursue God’s direction versus his own thoughts or his flesh. Nor should we as husbands respond to the views of our culture.

A Husband’s Biblical Role

We saw in the two previous articles that God designed male leadership. That took place in creation with Adam, and it was God’s calling through the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The basic idea here is that a husband has three things to know about his calling and his role:

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Marriage and Sexuality Rooted in Natural Law and Scripture

The historic structure of human society is rooted in natural law and common law. Natural law flows from nature itself. It is existentially true, and confirmed by natural science, that all of Nature operates by and is governed according to a lawful order.

Natural law is the human understanding of the intrinsic Laws of Nature. To explain, "natural law" is the phrase for man's understanding of the "Law of Nature." For such things as gravity, which is obvious to everyone, there is really no difference between the two phrases. For some points of natural science, however, our understanding of what is truly in Nature might be deficient, and in that case to use the phrase natural law is more appealing and more cautious than to claim that we truly know what the Law of Nature is.

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