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Jun 17th

God Ordained Family

Marriage and Sexuality Rooted in Natural Law and Scripture

The historic structure of human society is rooted in natural law and common law. Natural law flows from nature itself. It is existentially true, and confirmed by natural science, that all of Nature operates by and is governed according to a lawful order.

Natural law is the human understanding of the intrinsic Laws of Nature. To explain, "natural law" is the phrase for man's understanding of the "Law of Nature." For such things as gravity, which is obvious to everyone, there is really no difference between the two phrases. For some points of natural science, however, our understanding of what is truly in Nature might be deficient, and in that case to use the phrase natural law is more appealing and more cautious than to claim that we truly know what the Law of Nature is.

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Virginia Marriage Amendment Update


The Virginia Christian Alliance's initiative to support "traditional" marriage in Virginia and to hold the Attorney General, Mark Herring, accountable for his unlawful actions is aggressively moving forward.

Delegate Bob Marshall recently posted an opinion piece about the marriage issue.

We share Delegate Marshall's post with our VCA supporters and encourage its reading.

Bob Marshall: Elites betray will of the people on homosexual ‘marriage’

BY BOB MARSHALL   Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 7:00 pm

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How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage? Finance Work

Tom Clark1

Introduction Thoughts

In previous articles we have focused on how to have “oneness” in marriage. As we get started again, here are the previous suggestions:

  1. “Oneness” calls on us to being open and transparent to one another.

  2. “Love” is not feelings - it is doing what love calls for, whether we have feelings or not.

  3. “Communication” - we focus on talking to each other with honesty, but also with kindness.

  4. “Conflict Resolution” - we respond to each other when there is conflict. We talk about it, but there is also apology and forgiveness.

So what is next in our oneness?

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How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage? Husband and Wife Roles

Tom Clark1

Introduction Thoughts

Our secular-culture says that men and women do not have role-differences. One of the things the Bible says is that men and women are equal, but different.

They are equal:

  • Equal before God - Equally bearing God’s image;
  • Equal in God’s design and calling - They are equally important to God’s kingdom;
  • Equal in salvation.

But being equal in these ways, they are not the “same.”

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Same-sex Marriage Arguments Don’t Hold Up

Joe Rogowskiweb

 First Published in the Richmond-Times Dispatch

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Media coverage of same-sex marriage before the federal appeals panel reveals the inconsistencies in arguments attempting to overturn Virginia’s marriage law as between one man and one woman.

No one denies the right of homosexuals to marry. They have that right as anyone else. What is denied is the homosexual claim to a “right” to marry partners of the same sex. That is not supported by biology, natural law or millennia of civilized social order.

Contrary to Judge Gregory’s suggestion, the traditional definition of marriage was never at issue in Loving v. Virginia. Continuing claims to a similarity between Loving v. Virginia based on race and issues rightly in opposition to same-sex marriage are disinformation.

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