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Jul 23rd

Delegate Bob Marshal and Rita Dunaway on our Fight for Freedom

We are celebrating the 235th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that was approved in 1776. It was a long and bloody battle, and our forefathers paid a heavy price for our independence and for the freedoms we enjoy — and often take for granted — today.


However, the fight for freedom is never-ending. It must be fought by every generation, and we are no exception. Indeed, we face today a grave and growing threat to these freedoms in many different areas: religion, politics, economics, speech — and deadly terrorism. Who is leading these attacks, who is fighting to protect us — and how can I help?

To help us understand that better, Valley Faith in Action host Dean Welty speaks with Delegate Bob Marshall and Rita Dunaway, consulting attorney with the Rutherford Institute.

Bob-Marshall Rita_Dunawayweb


VFIA 202 - The Fight for Freedom in America Today from Dean Welty on Vimeo.

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