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Jun 17th

Letter to the Editor: Charity and Tax Policy, Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

The statement that “people and families with lower incomes” will generally be hurt is untrue. Doubling the standard deduction means the first $25,200 income or so creates no taxes. The weighted average poverty thresholds for individuals and families is less than that until you reach families of four and above, which is where the increased child care credit comes into play.

Tax credits are more valuable than deductions as credits reduce the tax owed instead of income earned. They pay zero taxes both before and under the new bill.

Charitable giving should not be driven by any tax code. Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount not to the Sanhedrin, Roman Governor, nor Jewish King; but to the individuals who came to hear him.

Charity is our individual responsibility. It is the means by which we accomplish our purpose. A society relying on its tax code for charity is already lost. Similar arguments can be made for all the deductions mentioned.

Justice is the virtue by which each person is given their due. The Augustine quote is out of context. Societies (cities) governing as a bunch of robbers are those whose hearts are turned toward themselves (man) and not God—therefore producing injustice.

Those proclaiming themselves politically liberal give significantly less and less often in both time and money. About 70% less money and 50% in time.

If we want to address the underlying issue, maybe we should start there—with the heart.

Dan Wolf

Virginia Christian Alliance Advisory  Board member

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