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Jun 28th

Our Nation Under God

Sharia: The Islamic Threat to America


The Democratic Party Convention has reminded us of the threats we face at home to the Judeo-Christian values on which America was founded and has prospered. The DNC’s platform blatantly promoted abortion and same-gender “marriage”, and its line-up of speakers reinforced those attacks on these core values.

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David Barton on "400 Years of American Education"


“The Christian religion is … of the first things in which all children under a free government ought to be instructed. … (It) must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.” (Noah Webster, “The Schoolmaster of America”)

Can you imagine any of our political, educational, or even church leaders at the national level saying today what Noah Webster said above about the importance of teaching the Christian religion in our public schools? Can you imagine the hysterical screams coming from the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the National Education Association about this looming threat to the “high wall of separation between church and state”!

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It’s Not About Politics – It’s About Our Nation’s Moral Compass


Today we have become the generation of Christians in the United States who are observing the surrender of our Judeo-Christian society to a world of Humanistic values. The decline of moral values and escalating instability over the last seventy years is now impossible to ignore. Movies are increasingly more violent and sexually explicit, “News” programs, with few exceptions, are viewed through a Secular Humanist prism. The mass media along with the U.S. government have now become the major enemies of the American family.

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Freedom OF Religion, Not From Religion


Letter Written by Carolyn Dunn Berry to the Editor of Richmond Times-Dispatch

All my life, which is nearly three-fourths of a century, I have heard and believed that this great country of ours was founded on religious freedom as a Christian nation – not freedom from religion, but freedom OF religion. Our founding fathers held meetings in churches and drafted many of our documents in churches. So, the article on the front page of today’s Times-Dispatch entitled “Henrico Board Ceases Prayer” was most disappointing. It seems our officials cannot take a stand for right.

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America's Godly Heritage with David Barton


Dean Welty, Director of the Valley Family Forum, brings David Barton on his a weekly television program entitled "Valley Faith in Action".  David Barton of Wallbuilders is his guest and he expounds on America's Godly Heritage.

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lend to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism who should labor to subvert these great Pillars of human happiness.” George Washington, 1796

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Celebrating the 4th of July with Acts of Devotion to God


Christianity is the source of America's liberty and independence. Our Founders understood this and reminded us to give thanks to God every year when we celebrate American Independence.

John Adams wrote that the day of Independence:

"will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America.—I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding generations ... as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty, ... from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."

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National Day of Prayer May 3, 2012


Prayer has always been used in this country for guidance, protection and strength-even before we were a nation or a handful of colonies. The Pilgrims at Plymouth relied on prayer during their first and darkest winter. Our founding fathers also called for prayer during the Constitutional Congress. In their eyes, our recently created nation and freedoms were a direct gift from God. And being a gift from God, there was only one way to insure protection-through prayer.

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Christians Go to Church, and the Minister Preaches...

Originally published in the August 1999 issue of AFA Journal.  

In 1973 the Supreme Court said it was OK to kill unborn babies. Since then, we have killed more than the entire population of Canada. And it continues. A woman's choice? Half of those who have died in their mothers' wombs have been women. They didn't have a choice. It is called abortion.

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Rebuilding a Culture of Life in Virginia

Dean_WeltyDean Welty of the Family Valley Forum speaks with Diana DeBoe member of the Viriginia Christian Alliance Advisory Board and Craig Hudgins who also serves on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors.

Do you know where the most dangerous place to live in America is today?  Where nearly one-fourth of a particular age group is brutally torn apart and killed simply because they are an “inconvenience” to their parents?  Where over 50 million of these victims have been killed in the past 38 years?  Yes, it’s a mother’s womb in America today, with 22% of all pregnancies now ending in abortion.  So who’s responsible for this Great Holocaust in America, and what can we do to stop it?

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A New Christian Alliance for Renewal in Virginia

Dean_WeltyDean Welty of the Family Valley Forum speaks with Terry Beatley of No Excuse Ministry and member of the Viriginia Christian Advisory Board and Steve Waters who also serves on the Virginia Christian Advisory Board.

We know that “Prayer Changes Things”. The great heroes of the Bible and many of our first settlers and Founding Fathers were prayer warriors. But then what? Are we tempted to sit back and expect God to fix our problems or send someone else because we’re too busy – or maybe just plain afraid to get involved.

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How Will The Shocking Decline Of Christianity In America Affect The Future Of This Nation?


Is Christianity in decline in America?  When you examine the cold, hard numbers it is simply not possible to come to any other conclusion.  Over the past few decades, the percentage of Christians in America has been steadily declining.  This has especially been true among young people.  As you will see later in this article, there has been a mass exodus of teens and young adults out of U.S. churches.  In addition, what "Christianity" means to American Christians today is often far different from what "Christianity" meant to their parents and their grandparents.  Millions upon millions of Christians in the United States simply do not believe many of the fundamental principles of the Christian faith any longer.

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Equal Rights and Sacred Liberty


Rightful human liberty is a function of man’s equal human rights. 

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” Thomas Jefferson 

Human liberty, having been endowed to all of us equally by our Creator, is a part of our human nature; our sacred right to liberty is therefore unalienable and only limited by the equal rights of others. Equal human rights and equality before law was the argument of the American Revolution expressed by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence.

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The Truth Project - for a Searching World

Dean Welty of the Family Valley Forum speaks with Jasen Glasbrenner and Donna Moore who also serves on the Virginia Christian Advisory Board.

Dean_WeltyWhat is Truth?  Is an old question that’s been asked many times, going back to the Garden of Eden when the serpent made Eve doubt what God had said about the forbidden tree.  Pontius Pilate doubted Jesus claim that he was born to bear witness to the Truth.  And we have our own doubts about truths regarding “morality” and “good and evil”.

Are there absolute truths that are always the same, like gravity, or are do they change with situations and over time?· Also, is Truth something we decide for ourselves, or does Someone else make that decision for us?· What is The Truth Project – and why does it matter anyway?

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