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Statement by Bishops Francis X. DiLorenzo and Paul S. Loverde on Decision in Bostic v. Rainey Marriage Case

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Representing the Virginia Catholic Bishops in Public Policy Matters

Feb. 14, 2014

Statement by Bishops Francis X. DiLorenzo and Paul S. Loverde on Decision in Bostic v. Rainey Marriage Case

Last night's decision by U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen in Bostic v. Rainey, a case that deals with the Commonwealth's Constitutional definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, strikes a severe blow to the citizens of our Commonwealth. It undermines our right, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in its recent decision on the federal Defense of Marriage Act, to define marriage and, moreover, ignores the express will of the people of Virginia who overwhelmingly supported the 2006 Amendment to the Commonwealth's Constitution.

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Petition for Impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring


The message of Malachi was directed to a people plagued by corrupt priests and wickedness. The prophet confronted the people of Israel for their hypocrisy, infidelity, divorce, pride, greed and arrogance. The nation was so complacent in their sin that God's Word no longer had any impact on this where we are in Virginia today?

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Future Events Affecting American Christians And Churches

There is no denial that we are seeing the acceleration of the assault by the Government and Courts against the Lord Jesus and the Christian church in America that had its beginnings in the early 1900s. This opposition has the support of the majority of the American citizens as witnessed by their votes and acceptance of decisions by the Supreme Court, laws passed by Congress and Executive Orders and rulings issued by the President. In addition there is wide spread support for the secular humanist agenda by the media, academia, unions, the entertainment industry and even some liberal mainline protestant churches.

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VCA Press Conference Calling for Disciplinary Action on Attorney General Herring

Don-Press con

“Only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth.  ...”  Article 1, Section 15A, VA Constitution,  "I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties incumbent upon me as Attorney General, according to the best of my ability (so help me God)."  VA Oath of Office

“We call upon you … pursuant to your Oath of Office to defend the Constitution of Virginia (and) … provide adequate counsel to defend the people of Virginia in their Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution which is now under legal challenge ….” (Members of the General Assembly)

“The … Attorney General, … offending against the Commonwealth by malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty, or other high crime or misdemeanor may be impeached by the House of Delegates and prosecuted before the Senate ….”  (Article IV, Section 17, VA Constitution)

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Christian or Christian American


 Are you a Christian or Christian American? Or maybe you weren’t aware of a difference. A Christian is the same universally. The message of Jesus Christ and the Christian Bible is taught essentially the same all over the world.  This message is what made Billy Graham famous in his campaigns where he led hundreds, if not thousands, to the Lord every night during his evangelist tours. But is this enough for an American? Billy Graham was a Christian. He was not a Christian American.  His universal message could not emphasize the United States as a Christian nation.

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Let's Call a Convention of The States

Rita Dunaway

Published in The Virginia Pilot | Hampon-Roads
As Americans of all stripes lament the polarized condition of politics in Washington, D.C., a new hope is rising among those who are disillusioned with massive government programs and are wondering whatever happened to states' rights.

It is a bold vision - grand enough to inspire those who have become politically despondent, yet so carefully conceived that it just might work. It is, in fact, the Founding Fathers' own plan - to rein in the power of the federal government through an Article V "Convention of States."

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Virginia Issues, the Candidates, and Valley Values on the Line

Dean Welty

Every Vote Counts, and Why it Matters on Nov. 5

“If a candidate for public office does not understand that life begins at conception, or that Life and Liberty are inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator rather than by Government, or that marriage is only between one man and one woman, or that America is and must remain ‘One Nation under God’, he does not deserve our trust or our vote.” Rakazzi

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Responses to VCA's Candidate Survey Are In!

Rita Dunaway

One of our goals at Virginia Christian Alliance is to help those within our network to make informed decisions at the ballot box. As a non-profit organization, we do not endorse or oppose any candidate or party. Instead, we ask questions about their positions on some of the issues that are important to us, do our best to obtain the answers, and then simply pass the information along to you.

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One Nation Under Money


Fellow pastor,

“Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It is time to start thinking,” said Earnest Rutherford. Federal spending is now at crisis levels.  No one can spend more money than he/she receives without consequences - not even Washington, DC!

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End of Free Speech

Baked Cake

Bake a cake as fast as you can.… because tomorrow you might not be allowed to.

Closing your store after being sued, harassed and threatened is now the “price” you may pay for actually exercising your religious freedom in America.  But that’s okay, I guess.  After all, everything is about jobs and the economy.

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The Hand of Providence

Hand of God

 "You are the Lord, you alone; you have  made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you preserve all of them; and the host of  heaven worships you”
(Nehemiah 9:6).

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The Islamic Threat to America: Sharia Law Part 1


Three years ago we commemorated the 10th anniversary of the tragic attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the hijacking and then crash of Flt. 93 in Pennsylvania. We are re-airing the program we recorded at that time because we must never forget the 3,000 innocent victims of those attacks or the pain and suffering that their families still endure.

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Virginia Christian Alliance files Brief to the US Supreme Court in Hotly Contested Public Prayer Case

West facade of the Supreme Court Building Photo Credit Franz Jantzen

August 2, 2013 Richmond, VA. – The Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) has filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the United States Supreme Court in the highly publicized public prayer case of Town of Greece v. Galloway.  The Virginia Christian Alliance is asking the High Court to reevaluate its current framework for deciding cases involving religious speech or symbols in public settings and to return to a historically correct interpretation of the Establishment Clause to prohibit only government policies that coerce citizens to support or practice religion.

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