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Jul 23rd

War on Christian Religion

What we today understand as a war on religion is a war focused entirely on the Christian religion and its value.

Throughout history America's system of laws have been based on Christian values.

The reason the public is confused about why the Democrat and Republican parties are so intransient is that the world of tomorrow is seen by each political party from vastly different perspectives.

War_on_the_Christian_ReligionThe Democrats in the main are teaching us that there are no moral standards of right or wrong. The circumstances determine what is right or wrong. This is the religion of humanism.

When we think of religion our minds to to Christianity or Judaism or Islamism, etc. We overlook belief systems that are not generally considered religions but truly are: atheism, humanism and communism.

Every law is based on some religion, and subsequently its moral values.

The Christian values once held by both parties have been replaced by secular humanism in the Democrat Party. This is 180 degrees from Christianity in almost every area of life. What separates the two parties is not politics, but moral values. The Democrat Party promotes abortion, homosexual marriage, income redistribution, and the removal of parental rights in public schools, among a host of others. All of these are moral issues.

Each Party has a different understanding of right and wrong. As a result, I believe there will continue to be chaos in Congress, a long period of controversy in our society, and desperate consequences for our children.

An earlier letter to the editor asked: "Is this the year the Democrat Party abandoned the Christian religion?"

The answer is Yes!

Viginia Gazzette Letter to the Editor

stanwebStanlely Treleaven, Board Member, Virginia Christian Alliance

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