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Jun 17th

Sanctity Of Life

Christian Biola University threatens Pro-life Student with Arrest and Expulsion

Biola University, a Christian university in southern California, has threatened a pro-life student with arrest and expulsion for simply showing abortion to her classmates.  While a Resident Assistant at Biola, Diana Jimenez counseled multiple students who aborted children while at Biola.  When Diana followed the advice of Biola President Barry Corey to "speak truth into us," she was punished for it! 

Please watch the video here (link) and leave your comments in the comment section.  Please let Biola University know of your concern, disappointment, and/or outrage that they would threaten a pro-life student with arrest and expulsion for simply showing a truth that Biola is covering up.  Please leave your comments here.  

Thanks so much for your support of our work.  Please pray that God will keep using us to win hearts, change minds, and save lives.

Biola University Pro LifePastor Mosqueda: With all due respect, there isn't the slightest evidence that exposing the horror of abortion "permanently hardens hearts." Only God knows the state of anyone's heart, now or later. Our ministry is prophetic. Our responsibility is to reveal the terrible truth about contemporary child sacrifice - irrespective. The relativistic notion that problems have no solutions, only tradeoffs, is demonstrably false. Don't be binary. The morally correct tradeoffs ARE the solutions.

and other comments are on the YouTube here:


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