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May 21st

Sanctity Of Life

Disturbing New Report on VCU and University of Virginia Medical Practices

.A new study released by Students for Life shows our state institutions, the University of Virginia and VCU have been aborting the preborn, using tax payer money, for 20 years. This according to a recent news story from Life News.  How did this happen and right under the noses the students parents and elected representatives?  Life News goes on and reports from 1988-2009, UVA facilities aborted 2,480 and VCU aborted 9,120 preborn lives.  Since both are state institutions, both state and federal tax dollars are going towards these on-campus abortions. 

  Half of college health care plans pay for abortions nationwide, and the Students for Life of America also revealed in August, 2010, the University of North Carolina, whose system mandated health care coverage required the students not only to have it, but automatically enrolled them in a plan that covered elective abortions.

A formal letter was sent Dr. Teresa A. Sullivan, Ph.D., Office of the President, Madison Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesvile, VA 22903 and a copy of that letter is HERE.



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