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Jun 17th

Sanctity Of Life

Doctor Doesn't Always Know Best

Hello my name is Bryan Patrick Lowry. I am writing this story today because someone very close to me had the courage to stand up for what is right. This person had the courage to trust in God, the God that truly exists, the God who is living and breathing as I write this story and you read it.

0This person is my mother. Twenty-two years ago she conceived a child, a child that filled her with joy and excitement, joy and excitement at this precious gift and opportunity to bring life into the world. She embraced this opportunity knowing it could be her one and only. She loved and guarded this child more then she loved herself and the anticipation built every day of being able to welcome him or her into the world. A few months later though her hopes were shattered, she began to bleed and believed she had miscarried the child.

She went to her doctor hoping against hope that there was some way her nightmare was not a reality, but all the doctor could do was confirm that it was. Following this unfortunate news the doctor then advised her that she should receive a DNC to clean out the remains of the child. Though the doctor assured her it was for her own "health" (and sadly truly believed it was) my mother refused, knowing that God created her body to take care of itself. Most would call this decision foolish and irresponsible but it turns out it was the wisest and most responsible decision she has ever made. God was testing her and she was rewarded for her trust in Him.

1What no one knew yet was that my mother had been carrying twins. She had indeed miscarried a child but one still remained. If you haven't guessed already this child was myself and had she trusted the doctor's advice rather than God I would not be here right now. A short procedure would have been carried out and my mother never would have known about the second child.

We already know the sickening number of intentional abortions that take place in our country and around the world every day, who knows how many of these incidental ones are taking place on top of this number. I am writing you as a living-breathing example of the life that comes from the refusal of abortions and all procedures like them. In the words of my mother if women would "embrace the true power God has given them of bringing life into the world (the greatest power there is) and trust that He has created their bodies for exactly that then the world would be a better place." We need to continue to walk with Christ in this effort and give women the means to understand the unbelievable power that they have and the burning desire to use it.

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