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Jul 23rd

Sanctity Of Life

Goals for Churches to Reducing Abortions

Christians are the only ones who can change the abortion culture in Richmond.

Christians will only move when educated and lead by their Pastors. The next important group is Doctors. Abortions can’t be performed if Doctors say ‘NO’ - we will not be involved in killing children.

The following are some suggestions that the Church can consider implementing.

Proclaim that human life should be protected and that abortion is the killing of human life. That we reject the Supreme Court ruling that children in the womb need not be protected, and we reject the idea that women should have the choice to kill their child.

  1. To make sure the youth in our church know that excessive petting and sex outside of marriage is SIN in the eyes of God and to promote chastity and purity through such programs as “True Love Waits”.
  2. To stop the opportunities for abortions in our area by turning public opinion against abortion through sermons, printed literature, letters to the editor, legislative actions and by Praying.
  3. Participate in the last step effort to save the children by sidewalk counseling and protesting at abortion clinics and hospitals.
  4. Identify abortion doctors and encourage them to stop the killing.
  5. Supporting the girls and women who are in crisis pregnancy by participating with the various ministries that counsel, supply housing, food, clothing and medical help. To help those experiencing post abortion stress to receive forgiveness.
  6. To facilitate ADOPTIONS through existing agencies.
  7. To help support mentally, emotionally and physically damaged children, especially those that have been abandoned.
  8. To be aware of and fight the sex industryHollywood/TV/Media, pornographers, Planned Parenthood, etc.) by not spending money on them.
  9. To educate our congregations that abortifacients such as the Pill, IUD’s, Norplant, RU486, etc. cause chemical abortions that far exceed surgical procedures.

Proposed Resolution to be Introduced in Your Church:

Because the secular worlds’ positions on sanctity of life issues are in opposition to what we, as a Christian Church, stand for, and because the secular positions are sometimes reinforced

by mainline churches, governments and judicial rulings, we want to state our position to give guidance to our members and potential members. We especially want to guide our children who are entrusted to us and who must be confused by the difference in what the world says and what God’s word says.

We therefore declare that ___________________Church stands strong on the sanctity of life issues, and we condemn the following as sin:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Infanticide
  • Suicide and Assisted Suicide

Greene Hollowell 2012 150AGreene Hollowell

Virginia Christian Alliance Board Member

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