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May 25th

Sanctity Of Life

His troops don't like the governor's orders

Letter to the Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Having a military background has perhaps prompted Gov. Bob McDonnell to call the marching command: "Column, left!" While it is a proper marching command that orders a formation of soldiers to execute a 90-degree left turn, it is not a proper order from the governor when he expects conservative voters to support non-conservative actions.


As a pro-life, pro-family conservative, I joined countless like-minded Virginians in celebrating McDonnell's gubernatorial victory. Our disappointment has exceeded our hopeful expectations as we've witnessed what can only be considered political posturing by our candidate.

How can a pro-life governor fail to act on behalf of the unborn? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has concluded that Virginia can regulate abortion facilities. Significantly, pro-choice forces in Virginia have indicated that such regulations could lead to closure of a majority of abortion clinics in the state. By not acting to initiate implementation of standards to protect the most vulnerable, those in the womb, McDonnell makes an ally of those who would profit from the abortion mills.

We who elected McDonnell are not looking for a 100 percent guarantee of success in promoting pro-life, pro-family causes. We do expect a 100 percent effort on his part to accomplish conservative goals.

Bill Goode.


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