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May 24th

Sanctity Of Life

If Pimps Can Make It There, They'll Make It Anywhere...

Family Research Council..

As members gear up for the first of two hearings on taxpayer-funded abortion, Lila Rose is doing her part to supply them with all the evidence they need to shut down Congress's side business with Planned Parenthood. Today, Live Action released another installment in its clinics-gone-wild video series. (For those of you keeping score at home, this is the sixth video in seven days.)

This time, the team took their cameras inside the walls of a Bronx, New York clinic, where not one, but two employees coach a pimp to beat the system and get taxpayer-funded services for his 14-year-old prostitutes, who--oh by the way--may also be illegal immigrants.

WU11B06_NORMALWhen the actor explains that he runs a sex ring with eighth graders, the staffer can barely stifle a yawn. "Mmm hmm," she says, indifferently. "How do they go about, you know, being able to get the access even in spite of what they do, you know?" the pimp asks. "Yeah, like, like I said, everything's confidential," the staffer replies. "They don't have to tell anybody what it is that they do when they make the appointment." Later, the man admits that some of the girls aren't U.S. residents. "That's fine. Like for our benefit program," the staffer explains, "we do require they bring us some documents..." Then, the prostitute pipes up. "You wouldn't need to know that they work at night? ... [T]hat they do sex work at night?" "None of that," Planned Parenthood promises. "We don't need to know anything. Everything is totally confidential." She goes on to describe how they could fake a letter, pretending to be the girls' guardian.

Moments later, the Live Action crew approaches one of the clinic bosses at the elevator. The third sentence out of the pimp's mouth is, "We're involved in sex work." The supervisor's response to underage sex enslavement is the same as her colleague's: "Mmm hmm." "In terms of insurance," she explains after hearing his concerns, "they would probably speak to one of our entitlement people," she offers. "They don't have to be citizens to get the insurance, and it's confidential."

So far, Planned Parenthood isn't exactly bowling over Congress with its credibility. However, if there is one positive thing about Planned Parenthood's ethical failure, it's that these videos are at least prodding the organization to provide some much-needed education on child sex abuse. To help tamp down some of the controversy, the group's headquarters released a statement this morning promising to "retrain employees" on how to report abuse of minors. "We want to be crystal clear for those millions of people who come to us and trust us that we will never put a minor at risk," spokesman Stuart Schear said. Unfortunately for Cecile Richards and company, the organization will have a tough time distancing itself from a long, dark history of doing exactly that. In the last four years of Live Action videos, Planned Parenthood has shown itself for the cold and calculating business it is. Being pro-abortion is one thing. Being pro-abuser, pro-prostitution, and pro-profit, at taxpayer expense, is quite another. Let's defund them now.


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