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Apr 24th

Sanctity Of Life

Life Always Launches National TV Campaign Against Planned Parenthood

Washington DC (April 19, 2011) – Today, Life Always [], launches a new national TV campaign featuring Abby Johnson, a Life Always board member and former Planned Parenthood “Employee of the Year”. Johnson is the author of Unplanned, a book that chronicles both sides of the abortion issue.



Transcript of Ad: I was a Planned Parenthood Director and Employee of the Year. I used to tell women that abortions removed a mass of tissue, but that's not true. I had to account for the body parts of aborted babies. Yes, Planned Parenthood prevents pregnancies, but they also provide over 320,000 abortions each year. They won't protect your child, there's no money in doing that. Abortion ends in death. Can you live with that? I couldn't.


Abby_JohnsonJohnson says one of the reasons to launch the commercial was to expose that fact that “while Planned Parenthood is quick to claim that only 3% of what they provide are abortion services, that equated to taking the lives of 332,278 unborn children in 2009.”

“Planned Parenthood reduces the child before birth to an object, a ‘choice’, a thing of less-than-human status. Their support of women’s rights tramples on the rights of the child.” Johnson continued.

As a former Planned Parenthood Director, and Employee of the Year, Ms. Johnson has an insider’s perspective on Planned Parenthood’s practices as well as the heartfelt but, in her opinion, misguided efforts of some radical antiabortion activists.

In her new commercial, Johnson says, “I used to tell women that abortion removed a mass of tissue, but that’s not true. I had to account for the body parts of aborted babies.”

Johnson points out that Planned Parenthood’s business model relies on income from abortions. “They won’t protect your child,” she says, “because there’s no money in doing that.”

Life Always board member Rev. Derek McCoy states “this campaign continues our efforts to bring awareness to the respect for life issue and accentuates the gross inaccuracies that Planned Parenthood portrays to the public.” He adds “from sexual abuse cover up, to racism, to untruths made by Planned Parenthood executives it provides a clear picture on what Planned Parenthood is really about…..ABORTION!”

“All Children deserve an opportunity and a chance to live, as well as mothers receiving appropriate care and counsel.”

Life Always board chairman Pastor Stephen Broden adds, “Planned Parenthood is in a multi-billion dollar business and through slick advertising and sophisticated messaging they have deceived many into believing they exist to help women. Planned Parenthood hurts women, babies and families, and abortions harm women.”

When Abby Johnson left Planned Parenthood, they filed a restraining order to keep her from talking. A judge denied the request.

“They don’t want Americans to talk about the issue because they don’t want people to learn the ugly realities behind it,” she added.

The commercial will air on MSNBC and FOX News this week.




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