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Jun 17th

Sanctity Of Life

Huffington Post, Guttmacher Defend Abortion Through Ninth Month of Pregnancy


As Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill banning late-term abortions in Ohio, fringe groups which support abortion even through the ninth month of pregnancy continue to push false claims. The progressive webzine Huffington Post, which provides mainstream-level exposure for some of the most radical voices in politics, offers an article from columnist Laura Bassett warning that the Ohio late-term abortion ban “challenges terms of Roe v Wade“. Bassett engages in wholesale rejection of incontrovertible facts from science and law to defend both the Roe decision and the practice of abortion at all stages of gestation and for any reason. Let’s look at a couple of these claims.

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Abortion: It’s A Hitler Thing


I happened today upon a charming little piece of work entitled “Why Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Bankrupt America.” The gist of the article, which the author helpfully puts in bold letters, is that abortion will save us all money. Yes, folks, you heard it here: it’s much cheaper to kill human beings than to let them grow up and be a drain on society.

This is an argument I hear pretty often when talking to people about abortion. After I school them in basic biology so they have no choice but to stop telling me the embryo is not a separate human being, they fall back on utilitarian arguments, or what I like to call the Hitler Thing. “Crime has gone down since Roe v. Wade,” they’ll say. Or, “What would we do with all those babies?”

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AUL Drops Bombshell on Planned Parenthood


Live Action reports:

Americans United for Life just dropped a bombshell on Planned Parenthood with their new 37-page report that summarizes the abortion giant’s scandals and illicit activity over the past few decades. Find the full report here.

The report calls for an extensive Congressional investigation to determine whether Planned Parenthood deserves over $363 million a year in taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood and friends seem so apoplectic at this report that their quotes to media are almost funny. Do you hear that? It sounds like the wheels falling off:

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Kansas To Shut Down All 3 Child-Murder Mills

The awesome news out of Kansas today is that it looks like all 3 of the state’s remaining abortion clinics are being shut down. Even Planned Parenthood’s infamous Overland Park abortion clinic has failed its Department of Health inspection required to get an operating license under the state’s new abortion regulations.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released a statement detailing the results of the ongoing licensing process, which was created by a new law passed by the Legislature.

“KDHE continues to review applications, and no applicant inspected thus far by KDHE has passed the inspection,” said the statement from the agency.

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VIDEO: Do Women Need Planned Parenthood?

Medicaid Misinformation: Planned Parenthood Caught on Tape Lying About Indiana Healthcare

Live Action Launches “Standing with Indiana” Petition

June 29, 2011 – Undercover phone calls released today show Planned Parenthood of Indiana clinics admitting that they are not the only source of women’s health care for women on Medicaid. Planned Parenthood and its supporters have recently argued in support of restoring their Medicaid funding in Indiana that poor women will lose access to vital health care services if they cannot go to Planned Parenthood. Live Action, the group that recorded the calls, says its footage shows the reality is quite the opposite.

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Planned Parenthood Defunding Round-Up June 24, 2011


Indiana, Kansas, and North Carolina have already defunded Planned Parenthood. Now Tennessee, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Texas are making up the second wave. (see the video balow or click here and you will see why Planned Parenthood is being defunded)

In Tennessee, two counties, Davidson (Nashville) and Shelby (Memphis), each had health departments funding local Planned Parenthood affiliates with a little over $300,000 and $700,000 respectively. The Governor has instructed both county health departments to take over all publicly-funded “family planning services.” Davidson County complied weeks ago, and Shelby County has struck a compromise that will hopefully phase-out Planned Parenthood funding:

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Does Mitt Romney Support Planned Parenthood?


It’s a provocative headline, but it seems like the Romney camp issued a, well, provocative statement today. According to Politico, Romney has refused to sign Susan B. Anthony List’s 2012 Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge. Trying to explain this blunder, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said this:

Governor Romney pledged in the last campaign that he would be a pro-life president and of course he pledges it today [...] However, this well-intentioned effort has some potentially unforeseen consequences and he does not feel he could in good conscience sign it. Gov. Romney has been a strong supporter of the SBA List in the past and he looks forward to continue working with them to promote a culture of life.

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Republicans Pass Amendment to Close Abortion Loopholes in Obamacare

Thu, May. 26, 2011 
Determined to keep federal money from being used to support abortion, House Republicans passed a new amendment ensuring that tax dollars cannot be used to train medical professionals to perform abortions. 

On Wednesday, lawmakers in the U.S. House voted 234-182 in favor of a pro-life amendment to block money provided though a government grant program from going to abortion doctors.

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Cancer and Idolatry in the Supreme Court


GLEN COVE, NY—Bad Supreme Court decisions spread like cancer and are based on a form of idolatry.

Consider Roe v. Wade, for example. Fifty years ago, Sweden was the only nation in the civilized world that did not have criminal penalties for most abortions. Today, the dominant culture of the Western world regards abortion as acceptable. Many people irrationally decided that if the Supreme Court said abortion was all right, it must be all right. Many other people decided that if America practiced abortion, it must be the right thing for their country as well. Just like cancer, abortion spread throughout the West, and indeed most of the world.

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Planned Parenthood Defunding Round-Up


Live Action

It’s been an exciting 10 days or so for defunding Planned Parenthood on the state level. Indiana made history last week as the first state to end taxpayer subsidies of Planned Parenthood (to the tune of $3 million). Planned Parenthood sued for an injunction to block the law from taking effect–as if they were entitled to Hoosiers’ money–which a federal judge promptly rejected, allowing the defunding to commence immediately.

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“What Exactly is a Fetus?”

Letter to the Editor/Richmond Times Dispatch: 

Does the average person in Richmond understand what a fetus is? In yesterday's article about the murder of Susana Cisneros and her unborn baby it was reported that "authorities said the Cisneros fetus did not suffer any wounds that appeared to be physically directed at the fetus."


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Tony Perkins and Katie Couric Discuss Pro-life Legislation


Virginia Christian Alliance follows the Family Reseach Council and efforts to roll back the pro-abortion agenda.  

CBS Evening News - FRC President Tony Perkins appeared on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric to discuss recent pro-life advances in state governments and this report follows accompanied by a reflective article form Cathy Ruse

(Source: FRC)

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U.S. House Passes Permanent Ban On Federal Funding Of Abortion, 251-175


 National Right to Life Slams President Obama and Other Opponents of Ban

WASHINGTON -- The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nationwide federation of right-to-life organizations, today commended the 251 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted to pass the landmark No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3), but directed sharp criticism at President Obama and at the 175 House members (all of them Democrats) who voted against the bill.


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