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Jun 18th

Sanctity Of Life

A Ruling And Theory That Has Caused Millions Of Deaths

Greene HollowellGreene Hollowell | Virginia Christian Alliance

The authors of 2 of the most notorious, deadly theories/rulings predicted that if their assumptions proved false, their conclusions would collapse.

The first is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Darwin said if no transitions of fossils were found then his theory would not be valid.

The other is the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v Wade. Justice Harry Blackmun, said it would collapse if ‘the fetus is a person.’

While millions of bones have been examined no convincing transitions have been found. However, biology teachers and scientist continue to support evolution. (If Darwin was around hopefully he would say  ‘I was wrong.’)

Human life beginning at conception is a fact of basic biological science. (If Blackmun was around he would probably not change because he knew the truth when he wrote the opinion.)  

Why then are both still supported by the public?

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Pro-life win: Kentucky may be the first state without an abortion facility

ClinicClosed SocialCrop


EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky, is the last remaining abortion facility in the state. Its sister center in Lexington closed down in 2017 because of unacceptable health conditions at the facility. Live Action News’ Carole Novielli noted in July, “A report written by the Lexington Herald in June of 2016 indicates that when inspectors visited on the Lexington facility on February 17 that year, ‘they reported that employees told them the clinic only performed abortions’ and they found ‘dirty conditions and expired medicine.’ News reports also indicate that state inspectors found unsanitary conditions.”

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The top pro-life stories of 2017 that moved and inspired us

Nancy Flanders | LIVE ACTION

2017 was another big year in the pro-life movement. While Planned Parenthood remains funded by the federal government, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump came big wins for preborn people. Pro-lifers watched and prayed with families fighting for their children’s lives and fought back when facing resistance. With stories that made us cry and stories that made us cheer, these are the top pro-life stories of 2017.

The life and death of Charlie Gard

The biggest pro-life story of 2017 is the life of Charlie Gard. Little Charlie from the UK was placed on life support after becoming ill just a few months after birth. After being diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, Charlie’s parents found a doctor in the United States willing to help with an experimental treatment, but Great Ormond Street Hospital refused to allow the family to take Charlie out of the country for treatment and told parents they planned to withdraw Charlie’s life support.

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INVESTIGATIVE Planned Parenthood emotionally manipulates women, says former manager

Sarah Terzo | Live Action
See other investigative work by Live Action here

Planned Parenthood promotes itself as a healthcare provider, but in reality, it performs less than 1 percent of all Pap smears and less than 2 percent of all breast exams in the entire nation. Planned Parenthood’s real focus is abortion. That one “service” alone makes Planned Parenthood more money than any other it provides. When pregnant women come to Planned Parenthood, they are often subjected to an aggressive sales pitch encouraging them to choose abortion. A first trimester procedure is explained below by Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist:

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U.S. Department of Justice investigating Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts

Claire Chretien

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 7, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is officially investigating Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts, more than two years after the release of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos.

“It is time for public officials to finally hold Planned Parenthood and their criminal abortion enterprise accountable under the law,” said David Daleiden of CMP.

Fox News broke the story Thursday evening, reporting that they had obtained a letter from Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. This letter asked for unredacted documents from that committee, which had been investigating Planned Parenthood.

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Priest: Challenge your pastors to ‘speak the truth’ against abortion

Pete Baklinski | LifeSite News

 FLORIDA, November 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- Healthcare, women's rights, and social justice are all good things, until they are taken over and used by the enemy to kill by abortion and now euthanasia, said a Catholic priest during a National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children in a video published on Youtube November 22. 

“The enemy has co-opted the language,” said Father Michael Orsi, former Ave Maria Law School chaplain, in a speech during the September 9 event in Florida. 

We want everyone to have healthcare, he said, except the term is often used by lawmakers for “another agenda” which is “the main agenda, which is abortion.”

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‘I am a mass murderer,’ former abortionist tells Congress

Miller testimony


WASHINGTON, D.C., November 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – “I am a mass murderer,” a former abortionist who is now pro-life told a U.S. House committee yesterday as she testified in favor of legislation banning abortions on babies with beating hearts.

Dr. Kathi Aultman, a board certified Ob/Gyn and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), bluntly told this to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Wednesday as it discussed the Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.

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Federal Heartbeat Bill would ban abortion once a heartbeat is detected


It’s the first time for the United States, and it might allow babies their first breaths. The Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017, known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” (H.R. 490) is the first ever heartbeat bill introduced at the federal level.

It’s headed to a hearing next Wednesday, November 1.

The text of the bill is simple, though its implications are profound. H.R. 490 says, in full:

This bill amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime for a physician to knowingly perform an abortion: (1) without determining whether the fetus has a detectable heartbeat, (2) without informing the mother of the results, or (3) after determining that a fetus has a detectable heartbeat.

It provides an exception for an abortion that is necessary to save the life of a mother whose life is endangered by a physical (but not psychological or emotional) disorder, illness, or condition.

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'Regular' Voter In Democrat’s Ad Is Actually A Professional Abortion Activist

erin matson 810 500 55 s c1

VIRGINIA, October 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Ads for the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor depict an abortion activist as a “regular” voter.

Ralph Northam, the current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, is competing against pro-life Republican Ed Gillespie to be the commonwealth’s next governor.

Erin Matson, the co-founder of Reproaction, appears in two ads for Northam that criticize Gillespie for his pro-life views.

“Ed Gillespie wants to end a woman’s right to choose,” the ad “Want to See” says as Matson sits on a porch with her small daughter. The ad says Gillespie wants the “government in charge of women’s personal decisions,” not mentioning that these “decisions” involve the killing of a tiny human being.

Matson and her daughter also appear at the end of the pro-Northam ad “Sold,” which doesn’t mention abortion.  (read on)

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Abortion Fact #10: Uncertainty of Human Life Beginning? Then Preserve LIFE

dont be fooled pro choice lies

The Virginia Christian Alliance recommends to our readers to visit "Abortion Facts", which lists 20 facts on abortion.  We have published Abortion Fact #10 exerpt  and the link to all 20. If you know just a few of these facts, you will handily defeat any pro-choice advocate in any balanced debate format, hands down.

It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception. However, if one personally has even a shred of uncertainty about when life begins, then they are still morally obligated to err on the side of life and NOT have an abortion. Why? Because to make a mistake about the exact time when life begins is to kill an innocent human being.

Suppose there is uncertainty about when human life begins. (Hint: There isn't. It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception.)

If a hunter is uncertain whether a movement in the brush is caused by a person, does his uncertainty lead him to fire or not to fire?

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Abortion Fact Fact #9: To be only "personally pro-life" is to not be pro-life at all.

against slavery dont own a slave

The Virginia Christian Alliance recommends to our readers to visit "Abortion Facts", which lists 20 facts on abortion.  We have published Abortion Fact #8 exerpt  and the link to full informative article below. If you know just a few of these facts, you will handily defeat any pro-choice advocate in any balanced debate format, hands down.

If abortion doesn't kill children, why would someone be opposed to it? If it does kill children, why would someone defend another's right to do it? Being personally against abortion but favoring another's right to abortion is self-contradictory and morally baffling.

To be pro-choice about abortion is to be pro-abortion.

Suppose drug-dealing were legalized, as some have advocated. Then suppose you heard someone argue this way for selling cocaine:

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Abortion Fact #8: Less than 1% of all abortions are performed to save the life of the mother.

why women choose abortion stats

1 percent save lifeThe Virginia Christian Alliance recommends to our readers to visit "Abortion Facts", which lists 20 facts on abortion.  We have published Abortion Fact #8 exerpt  and the link to full informative article below. If you know just a few of these facts, you will handily defeat any pro-choice advocate in any balanced debate format, hands down.

It is an extremely rare case when abortion is required to save the mother’s life. Of course, when two lives are threatened and only one can be saved, doctors must always save that life. However, abortion for the mother’s life and abortion for the mother’s health are usually not the same issue. 

Since every abortion kills an innocent human being, it is morally abhorrent to use the rare cases when abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother as justification for the millions of on demand "convenience" abortions.

While he was United States Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop stated publicly that in his thirty-eight years as a pediatric surgeon, he was never aware of a single situation in which a freeborn child's life had to be taken in order to save the life of the mother. He said the use of this argument to justify abortion in general was a “smoke screen.”

Due to significant medical advances, the danger of pregnancy to the mother has declined considerably since 1967. Yet even at that time Dr. Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood acknowledged: [1]

Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.

Just for the record, go ahead and re-read that quote again and pay close attention to the source.

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Abortion Fact #7: The differences between embryos and adults are differences of degree not of kind.

dont be fooled pro choice lies

The Virginia Christian Alliance recommends to our readers to visit "Abortion Facts", which lists 20 facts on abortion.  We have published Abortion Fact #7 exerpt  and the link to full informative article below.

Like toddler and adolescent, the terms “embryo” and “fetus” do not refer to nonhumans but to humans at particular stages of development. Human beings inside the womb are smaller, less developed, and more dependent than human beings outside the womb. These are differences of degree, not differences of kind. We can all point to other people who are bigger, stronger, smarter, or less dependent than we are, but that doesn't make our life any less valuable or any less deserving of protection. 

i am not a clump of cellsThe lives of newborn children are protected by law. The lives of embryos and fetuses are not, at least when the context is abortion. If you asked the average abortion-supporter why this is, why it is generally legal to kill a human being before birth but not legal to kill the same human being after birth, they would likely point you to some of the differences that exist between humans in the womb and humans out of the womb.

Stephen Schwarz, in his book, The Moral Question of Abortion, notes that there are four basic ways that an embryo or fetus differs from a newborn baby. He coined the acronym SLED to help people remember and categorize these differences.

They are: Size, Level of Development, Environment, and Degree of Dependency. By looking at each of these differences in context, it is easy to see that none of them are sufficient to justify abortion, because each of them are equally applicable to many people outside the womb.


The first difference is size. Embryos are smaller than fetuses who are smaller (usually) than newborns. But what does size have to do with rights of personhood?

Smaller people are no more or less human than those who are bigger. Embryos and fetuses are smaller than newborns, just as newborns are smaller than infants, just as infants are smaller than toddlers, just as toddlers are smaller than adolescents, just as adolescents are smaller than teenagers, and teenagers are smaller than adults.

Size doesn't matter. It is lawful to kill a fly and unlawful to kill a person, not because the person is bigger, but because the person is human. Trees are generally bigger than people, but while it is lawful to cut branches off of trees, it is unlawful to cut arms off of people. Why? Because humanity, not size, is what determines rights of personhood.

This might seem laughably obvious but there are people across the globe who try and justify abortion on the claim that the diminutive size of the embryo or fetus makes them ethically insignificant. Since size does not determine personhood after birth, it shouldn't be used to determine personhood before birth.

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