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Jun 20th

Sanctity Of Life

The Gosnell Murder Trial and the Conscience of a Nation

hs glessner

Abortion is simply the issue that will not go away. Despite the desires of many to ignore this very uncomfortable topic the reality of its brutality and injustice are becoming more apparent to the public.

Evidence of this is found in the recent conviction of Mr. Kermit Gosnell (who masquerades as a physician) for the first degree murder of three babies who survived his failed abortion attempts. The gruesome details of Gosnell's abortion clinic, which he operated for years without government inspection, have shocked the conscience of a nation. Even many of those who proclaim to be pro-choice are now openly expressing doubts about the morality of abortion.

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Victory Alert! U.S. House Passes Historic Bill for Life


Yeas: 228 --- One Big Step for Humanity --- Nays: 196, Bill Passes: "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"

Summary | The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a landmark “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” (H.R. 1797) by a vote of 228 to 196 along largely party lines with only six Democrats voting “Yea”. The bill, which Cong. Goodlatte and the Judiciary Committee which he chairs approved last week, would ban all abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy when unborn babies are able to experience excruciating pain. Attached below is a slightly edited report from the Family Research Council, followed by a suggestion for action at the bottom.

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Doctor Doesn't Always Know Best


Hello my name is Bryan Patrick Lowry. I am writing this story today because someone very close to me had the courage to stand up for what is right. This person had the courage to trust in God, the God that truly exists, the God who is living and breathing as I write this story and you read it.

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Christian Biola University threatens Pro-life Student with Arrest and Expulsion

Biola University Pro Life

Biola University, a Christian university in southern California, has threatened a pro-life student with arrest and expulsion for simply showing abortion to her classmates.  While a Resident Assistant at Biola, Diana Jimenez counseled multiple students who aborted children while at Biola.  When Diana followed the advice of Biola President Barry Corey to "speak truth into us," she was punished for it! 

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This is Abortion

The recent conviction and sentencing of Kermit Gosnell, along with the national attention it ultimately commanded, marks an important chapter in the contentious debate about abortion. Many in the pro-life camp were initially outraged about the media’s conspicuous decision to ignore the whole story. But the sad truth is that the silence reveals greater logical consistency than the outrage.

Gosnell’s clinic existed to perform the perfectly lawful service of killing human babies inside their mothers’ wombs. While that act will always be horrific in the minds of some, to many others it is--though perhaps sad and unfortunate--a necessary reality in a world of “reproductive rights.”

If we are honest about it, we must admit that the lawful acts we knew Gosnell to be doing and passively accepted (the same acts that will end the lives of over 3,000 babies in the U.S. today) are only marginally distinct from the unlawful acts that have forever branded Gosnell so deviant as to be practically sub-human.

How arbitrary we are, as a society, in our moral judgments! One physician performs an intentional act that ends the life of a tiny human being, and an army of elite, educated, activists will dedicate their lives to applauding and defending his ability to legally do so. Another physician performs the same act on a tiny human being who has emerged from the woman’s womb, and he is roundly deplored as the brutal criminal of the year.

How is it that a matter of spatial inches or relative anatomical positioning could ever be the dividing line between an act that is celebrated as the facilitation of civil rights--the empowerment of women--and an act that is condemned as heinous murder?   How is it that if an angry boyfriend kills an unborn child he can be prosecuted for homicide, but if the mother kills the same child, it is a private, protected “choice”?

This is the absurdity of legalized abortion. Where do we go from here?

As a modest starting point, we might seek means of investigating claims that Gosnell’s practices were an aberration from the allegedly clean, safe, and dignified business of abortion. Under present circumstances, it is difficult to do so systematically.

In a recent article that appeared in the Washington Post, reporters cited statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to demonstrate the alleged safety of abortion. According to CDC numbers, 10 women died from abortions in 2010, compared with 793 deaths from bicycle accidents.

The comparison is misleading and irresponsible because, in the case of CDC abortion statistics, the numbers that tell the real story are the numbers that aren’t there.   Even states that require abortion reporting do not require reporting to the CDC. The Alan Guttmacher Institute has estimated that the voluntarily reported information excludes data on as many as 45-50% of annual abortions.

Awareness of this “missing data” problem seems to be growing. For instance, a 2011 Chicago Tribune story by Megan Twohey flagged the disparity between the number of Illinois abortion providers that reported required data to state officials (26) and the number of providers actually in business (37). The article also suggested that the state’s data failed to account for as many as 17,000 abortions annually.

Rather than burying deadly realities in spurious statistics, let’s have the intellectual honesty to admit that abortion politics have paved the way for a new kind of “back alley.” Let’s take what we have learned from the Gosnell tragedy and insist, at the very least, upon meaningful oversight of businesses built upon human demolition.

But let’s not stop there. Let’s be “enlightened” enough to admit that we are hypocrites when we accept legalized abortion as a paragon of civil rights but we cringe in horror at the mention of snipped baby spinal cords. We have strained out a gnat and swallowed a camel.

Yes, our judiciary has hijacked our ability to maintain morally consistent, life-honoring laws. But we, the people, must never rest in our efforts to reassert our authority and restore our collective integrity.

Rita DunawayRita Dunaway, Virginia Christian Alliance Vice President for Public Policy, also writes on her blog Fundamental Things.

The Untold Story of House Bill 1 - The Unalienable Right to Life Act

Rita Dunaway

Upon eagerly opening The Family Foundation’s latest “Report Card,” I was surprised to find no record of the votes on Delegate Bob Marshall’s House Bill 1, which figured so prominently into the highly-publicized weeping and gnashing of teeth by Virginia abortion lobbyists in 2012. This legislation would clarify that, for purposes of construing Virginia law, every human being is considered a person with fundamental rights, from the time of conception until natural death.

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Ending The Unhip Injustice


The past few days, social media has (rightfully) been outraged by the failure of our culture's major media outlets to report on the horrific trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. I agree. It certainly does reveal that contemporary media is compelled by opinions and agendas. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

The vastly more important question we should be wrestling with is this: Are we really asking media outlets of our world to fulfill the risky, arduous, cross bearing, obligations of biblical justice? The responsibility to shed light and bring an end to this evil in our land does not belong to NBC, CBS, and ABC. It belongs to me, and it belongs to you, Christian.

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VCA Pushes for Common Sense Abortion Clinic Safety Standards


Rita Dunaway, Virginia Christian Alliance Vice President for Public Policy, writes to the Virginia State Health Commission to encourage the Board to adopt Regulations that require design and commonsense safety and sanitary procedures for abortion clinics.


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Physician-assisted Suicide: The Wrong Approach to End of Life Care


The nation's largest and most influential medical organizations, the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians, as well as many smaller physicians' groups, are on record as opposing physician-assisted suicide. Yet, despite the strong and widespread opposition of the medical community, last year physicians in Oregon wrote prescriptions to help kill 38 of their patients kill themselves.

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Stunning Research Reveals which is more Dangerous: Abortion or Childbirth


Pro-abortion activists fight for abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy for any reason—no exceptions. Their fundamental argument centers on women’s health. But stunning new research shows this concern is all smoke and mirrors. Pro-abortion activists have long tried to claim abortion is safer than childbirth.

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The Miracle of Birth


One thing I really enjoy about searching on the web are those wonderful things you come across that just blows you away causing you to praise God for the wonders of His handiwork.

H/T Live Action Alexander Tsiaras has made a career of using advances in visualization technology to offer vivid tours of the human body. His books have taken readers inside the human heart, the kidneys and vascular system, and also human reproduction. Back in 2002, Tsiaras published From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds, a book that offers a “visual diary of fetal development.” Now, nearly a decade later, he brings that visual diary to video at a conference affiliated with TED.

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Virginia Stands for Life 2013 Recap


Virginia Stands for Life 2013, a joint effort of the Virginia Catholic Conference, and the Family Foundation and numerous pro-life organizations, including the Virginia Christian Alliance.The event attracted hundreds of women and men from around Virginia who came to defend life from conception to natural death, and to thank legislators who supported pro-life legislation in last year's General Assembly.

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BEATLEY: Newtown Tragedy Reminds Us Life Is Precious


The murder of innocent children in Newtown, Conn., reminds us of how precious human life is. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the abortionist and 1969 founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, knew all about the sanctity of human life, and about death. In fact, he felt personally responsible for the deaths of 75,000 children. On a cold day in December 2009, I listened as he pondered the love, anticipation, joy and hope of the Christmas season.

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