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May 21st

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Planned Parenthood Defunding Round-Up

Live Action

It’s been an exciting 10 days or so for defunding Planned Parenthood on the state level. Indiana made history last week as the first state to end taxpayer subsidies of Planned Parenthood (to the tune of $3 million). Planned Parenthood sued for an injunction to block the law from taking effect–as if they were entitled to Hoosiers’ money–which a federal judge promptly rejected, allowing the defunding to commence immediately.

LifeOn Wednesday, we learned that Kansas is joining Indiana to become the second state defunding Planned Parenthood–in this case, stripping a little over $300,000 the abortion chain had been receiving from Title X.

Also on Wednesday, Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee voted to end family planning grants to any organization referring for or performing abortions, and today, the news just broke that the Tennessee legislature is barring Title X funds from Planned Parenthood as well.

It may take a little longer to defund Planned Parenthood on the federal level, but meanwhile, state governments across the country are rising to the occasion. The dominoes are beginning to fall one by one, but with what seems like an accelerated pace. Planned Parenthood is running scared and is watching Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas to see where the next blow will come from–looks like Wisconsin was out of their radar initially.

If you live in one of those states, contact your local pro-life group to get involved in helping end taxpayer subsidies of the biggest abortion business in America. If your state doesn’t have an effort to defund Planned Parenthood yet, start one! Planned Parenthood is the smiling mask that shields the entire bloody abortion industry from public scrutiny–as they fall, the peculiar institution of abortion will fall with them.

Source: Live Action


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