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Apr 20th

Sanctity Of Life

Planned Parenthood and Taxpayer Funds

Planned Parenthood Whine-itorial: Taxpayers Should Be Forced to Fund the Perverse Abortion Giant

In an editorial entitled, “Planned Parenthood says funding loss means closing health centers,” PP of Northern New England CEO Steve Trombley snivels and whines about proposed state and federal budget cuts that would eliminate or lower Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding. (also see related Sanctity of Life articles)


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Like Chicken Little, Trombley thinks the sky is falling. He believes the taxpayers who are deeply opposed to Planned Parenthood’s actions, agenda, and ideology should be forced to continue to fund the abortion giant as it contracepts, aborts and sexualizes our society into oblivion via its sick culture of perversity and death.

Trombley’s diatribe is a typical Planned Parenthood social engineering tactic. The intent is clearly to begin a “Chicken Little Syndrome,” inferring catastrophic ramifications unless taxpayers continue to fund the morally bankrupt bully.

Through its use of fear-mongering, Planned Parenthood intends to deceive the public into believing its lies:

Lie number 1: People, particularly low-income women, will be deprived of health care services. “Thousands and thousands of women would not be getting services,” Trombley claims. Yet, there are over 1200 federally qualified health centers with 7,000 delivery sites that will provide real health care to those in need, without adding abortion and perverse ideology to the mix.

Lie number 2: If Planned Parenthood funding is eliminated, abortions will increase. Yet, statistics show that Planned Parenthood is an abortion-centered business. It founded the Consortium of Abortion Providers with the goal of turning every Planned Parenthood facility into an abortion inferno. Planned Parenthood’s abortion rates continue to increase dramatically, even while national abortion rates have declined or held steady.

Lie number 3: Planned Parenthood-style family planning saves money. “Even our critics can’t argue that family planning doesn’t save money,” Trombley said. Au, contraire! To say that killing preborn children and contracepting them away saves money is myopic at best, and deadly deception at worst. Workers and consumers drive the economy, and without workers and consumers, the economy collapses. Abortion and contraception are driving us quickly to a point of no return on negative population replacement. As the population ages, there will be an inadequate number of workers to support the aging population and sustain the economy, resulting in economic collapse.

Even as he snivels about loss of taxpayer funding, Trombley defends PP’s commitment to killing babies through abortion. While making the oft-repeated false claim that abortion is only a miniscule part of Planned Parenthood’s business, Trombley “doesn’t believe the organization would be willing to ‘sell out its principles’ by eliminating its abortion services to sustain funding.” 

Trombley falsely claims that abortion is five percent of the abortion giant’s business. What businessman would sacrifice 95 percent of his business income to save five percent? Only an entity pumped full of taxpayer dollars could make such an outrageous claim. And when we examine Planned Parenthood’s business closely, we see that abortion actually accounts for 40.6 percent of Planned Parenthood clinic income.

The sky is not falling, but it is definitely time for the American taxpayers to pull the rug out from under Planned Parenthood. No more tax dollars for the abortion giant!





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