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May 21st

Sanctity Of Life

What Does an Abortionist Hate Most?

I’d like to ask you one simple question: What does an Abortionist hate most? The answer might surprise you. 

You might guess that what an abortionist hates most is watching the pro-life movement rise up to fight radical pro-abortion legislation- like the battle we’re all fighting right now to keep the federal government from funneling our tax dollars to the abortionist. 

Yes, abortionist hates to see pro-life political activism. But that’s not what they hate most. 

You might guess that what an abortionist hates most is when a pro-life pregnancy center opens up nearby and begins helping desperate women- and their money- slip from his bloody grasp. 

And it’s true: pregnancy centers make the abortionist see red. But that is not what they hate most. 

You might guess that what an abortionist hates most is being exposed by pro-lifers like you and me when we hold graphic abortion pictures out on the street, exposing the truth about what goes on in the 713 abortion mills that blacken the landscape of this country. 

The pictures of aborted babies pose one of their greatest obstacles, and abortionists are desperate to keep the graphic horror of their brutal trade hidden. They cringe when they see our signs out in public. But even that is not what an abortionist hates most. 


It’s not that the abortionist believes in the power of prayer. Far from it: they ridicule our prayers.

An abortionist in Rockford, Illinois has even gone so far as to put up a rubber chicken stapled to a cross in his window, in mockery of the Crucifixion. 

But the abortionist can see the effect of our prayers. When pro-lifers are outside praying, appointments are cancelled, clients don’t show up and some even change their minds only moments before they’re supposed to walk into the operating room and hand over the wad of cash the abortionist lust after. 

We’ve got the testimony of former abortion providers. They talk about how different it is inside the abortion mill when pro-lifers are out side praying. There’s a palpable tension. Nerves are frayed. Women get up and walk out. Staffers quit. 

By Joe Scheidler, National Director, Pro-Life Action League

PS. There are three abortion clinics in Richmond. (See ‘Who are the Abortionists in Richmond’) We need prayer warriors. 


-By Greene Hollowell

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