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May 21st

Sanctity Of Life

“What Exactly is a Fetus?”

Letter to the Editor/Richmond Times Dispatch: 

Does the average person in Richmond understand what a fetus is? In yesterday's article about the murder of Susana Cisneros and her unborn baby it was reported that "authorities said the Cisneros fetus did not suffer any wounds that appeared to be physically directed at the fetus."

Credit: Police photo Gregory L. Nelson, 27, charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Susana Cisneros.
Should that matter? The murderer knew he was killing a woman and her unborn baby. Oxford defines a fetus as "an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception." After reading some of the comments posted on that story I greatly fear that many folks are blinded by their ideology and therefore unwilling to accept the fact that a fetus is in reality a living baby.


Two living human beings were murdered that night. Anyone who kills a fetus is killing a baby and destroying the future of a human being who has endless potential by denying his/her opportunity to live. How can a civilized society allow this injustice?

Pat Fiordelise

Pastor, Kingsland Baptist Church

Chairman, Pastors for Life (Virginia Christian Alliance)

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