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May 21st

Sanctity Of Life

When Prayer Is Not Enough

At the last 40 Days for Life kickoff rally, I spoke about the need for pastors to rise up and bring their churches to the abortion mills. Most everyone at the rally agreed with me that the pastors had to lead out in the fight against abortion: all but one person. He was a local pastor that had come to justify what he and his church were doing. After a number of talks, he asked if he could say something. That was all right by me, but I knew what he was going to say.

His church was pro-life and prayed for the pro-life movement. Then he added that they were active in drug prevention, visiting the prison and helping the poor. He believed that abortion was just one of the evils in America and again added they did pray for the pro-life work. He left right after that and I couldn’t get to him.

As I pondered what he had said, the Lord brought this thought to mind. His church visited those in prison, they fed the poor, they helped people get off drugs and they PRAYED FOR PRO-LIFE. Everything else the church did was an active intervention on their behalf but when it came to abortion it was a passive action which they did. Why not pray for the sick, those in prison and those on drugs in the comfort of their homes or churches?

Pastors will tell you that this is not the way to treat poor people. We must act on their behalf. They don’t just need our prayers they need us to actively help them. Why then is it enough to pray for our little brothers and sisters who are about to die in an abortion death chamber every day?

I wrote about little Somer Thompson last month. She was a 7 year old girl in Orange Park, Florida that was kidnapped on her way home from school. They found her body in a dump. What would be the reaction from the community if a pastor had witnessed Somer being kidnapped and simply had a prayer for her? We have to realize that he was on his way to feed the poor, or visit those in prison or a sick person in his church. He was a very busy man and he determined that saying a prayer was the best thing he could do. He also decided that his church could donate some funds to those that were active in helping runaways or kidnapped victims.

What would the community say when they found out the actions or inactions of this pastor? In a New York minute he would be out of his church. His family would disown him. In fact, he could be convicted of a crime and put in jail. ALL BECAUSE HE DID NOT ACT IN THE RIGHT WAY TO WHAT WAS HAPPENING. He did everything right except he prayed when he should have acted.


When a pastor tells me that his church prays for abortion, gives to a pregnancy center or a home for unwed mothers, I tell them that what they are doing is wonderful but IT IS NOT ENOUGH, PRAYER IS JUST NOT ENOUGH!


by Pastor Ed Martin of Jacksonville, Florida



C. T. Studd once said, “Some may wish to live within the sound of church and chapel bell. I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell”..

A good place to start-  on the sidewalk next to the gates of hell,  an abortion clinic. The work is to convince the girls and women to not ruin their lives nor kill their baby. Sometimes there is the opportunity to witness and see people accept the Lord Jesus as Savior.

There are three abortion clinics in Richmond. We need people to sidewalk counsel.

Call Greene Hollowell 272-3556 

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