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Jun 23rd

Pediatrician Smacks Down Leftists Pushing Transgenderism on Kids

The issue of homosexual and transgender is fully addressed in scripture and that is where Christians must rely as their primary defence when confronting the culture of the world.  Looking at wordly studies by "science" is indeed informative, but the Christian is not "of the world" and using the "scientific method" is not applicable since it must be observable and measurable in the present but the Bible is HISTORIC .  The Bible is  a reliable collection of historical documents, written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies, and they claim to be divine rather than human in origin.

First listen to Dr. Voddie Baucham:

This message was preached by Pastor Voddie Baucham on the issue of homosexuality and transgenderism as well as the Christian's attitude and action towards it.

Pediatrician Smacks Down Leftists Pushing Transgenderism on Kids

 KACIE BURNETT | Louder than Crowder

Leftists like kids. But only so long as they can use them to push a false narrative. One of their latest displays of child affection comes in the form of them funneling puberty blockers into the mouths of “gender confused” babes (see Progress? Leftists Now Want to Prevent Puberty for Transgender Pre-Teens and NY Medicaid to Cover ‘Puberty Blockers,’ Transgender Surgery for Kids). In case you’re wondering, puberty blockers are horrible for the growing body. So is transgenderism in general. That’s why this pediatrician is speaking up.  Click on IMAGE for video



Boom. That’s what we in the business refer to as a spanking.


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