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Jul 20th


The Real Cause is God

Creation Bullet #4

Cause and effect: Evolutionists frequently misuse the cause and effect argument to give false support for their beliefs. An example would be rain as a cause and wet ground as the effect. The cause results in the effect. But this cannot be used in reverse.

We cannot say that wet ground proved it rained. Wet ground could have been the result of some other cause. Someone might have watered the ground earlier. A tree branch moving back and forth cannot be used to prove it is windy. The branch could be moving because of a child's swing attached to it. A cause can prove an effect. An effect cannot prove a cause.

Another example is the honeybee which consists of three distinct castes. A drone supplies the sperm, the queen supplies the eggs and the worker bee supplies all the work to build the hive and collect the honey. Evolutionists claim the cause of this bee hive organization is evolution, but they have no scientific evidence or proof of how this could have happened.

The real cause is God, who created everything.

Evolutionists use this false logic many times over, and in fact it is one of their most frequently used examples of false logic. Most biology books and other publication defending evolution, claim that a man, dog, bird, bat and other species , all have four limbs. Two arms and two legs, two legs and two wings, or four legs, and therefore this proved they evolved from the same ancestor. They are falsely using the effect to try to prove the cause.

A more likely cause would be that God just created them that way. How could God have created all the animals to avoid this possible claim by evolutionists? Simple. Just create every animal with a different number of legs. How absurd is this argument when it is questioned and looked at in detail.

When everything is exposed, truth will triumph.

Bnowers1William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors

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