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Jul 22nd


Concerning Evolution and Change


From Non-Living Chemicals (a primordial slime or pond of warm inert goo)*
Into Simple Life Forms (amoebas)
Into More Complex Life Forms (primates)
Finally into humans (orangutans to Orientals, gorillas to Negros, chimpanzees to Caucasians, and (this is new) kangaroos** to Australians.

*Add some molecules, sprinkle in some mutations, stir & bake for 4.6 to 17 billion years and PRESTO, watch random chance and luck produce all there is and was and ever will be! In Summary: FROM GOO-TO-YOU-VIA THE ZOO

**Kangaroos have 20,000 genes, roughly the same number as in humans. The difference from the apes can be explained because Australia had separated from Asia at the time of these changes and it had to evolve its own solutions.


Show this to your Biology Teacher or College Professor and ask if the above is an accurate explanation of the theory of Evolution.

Where did this goo come from in the first place, where was it located and who told it to start changing?

Is it in accordance with the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics? If not, would it not be better to referred to Evolution, not as a theory, but a hypothesis?


VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE has Advisors who would volunteer to make presentations (click on Contact for Speakers). In addition click on CREATIONISM and see many articles on the subject.

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