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Jul 23rd

Governor's Prayer Breakfast January 13, 2010

Governor's Prayer Breakfast January 13, 2010

The Virginia Christian Alliance attended the Governor's Prayer Breakfast and Tom White from the Va Right provides his observations:

The Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast is held to pray for our leaders and ask God to be with them and guide them in this difficult task. It is also a time when politics and partisanship take a back seat to the interests of the citizens of Virginia.

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling opened the meeting and presided throughout the event. A number of speakers offered Prayer, Scriptures and words of encouragement.

The VMI Glee Club sang several songs and provided a well received ambiance to the assembly.

The message was delivered by NFL Hall of Fame receiver and Washington Redskin Art Monk. His inspiring story was delivered with his usual humility. He spoke of his personal experience with God and how his belief has brought joy and happiness to his life.

Governor Tim Kaine was given a standing ovation and in keeping with tradition, said a prayer for the Governor-elect Bob McDonnell. Governor Kaine remarked that as he was taking out the last bits of trash the recycling bin reminded him that he was, sort of, being recycled.

When Bob McDonnell spoke, he jokingly asked if Tim Kaine's recycling comment was an announcement of plans to run again in 2013, which was met with laughter from the crowd.

McDonnell also wished Kaine Godspeed and success in his future endeavors, except, of course, in his DNC capacity (more laughter).

There was a genuine atmosphere between these two leaders of mutual respect and admiration. There was no hint of partisanship and this was a wonderful step in passing the torch of leadership to the next group.

Photos of the event:

Congressman and Mrs. Randy Forbes, Atty General Ken Cuccinelli, and Pastor Joe Ellison, Jr
Governor Tim Kaine, Don Blake, President of the Virginia Christian Alliance and Mrs. Tim Kaine


Jack Knapp, Executive Director, Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists and Mrs. Jack Knapp
Mrs. Kendra Ellison, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and Pastor Joe Ellison, Jr, Virginia Christian Alliance
Pastor and Mrs. Joe Ellison, Pastor Ellison is VP of Pastoral Relations and Church Ministries for the VCA
Mr. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice and Pastor Ellison
Mrs. Marla Decker, Virginia Director for Public Safety and Pastor Joe Ellison
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University



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