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Jul 15th

National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 1, 2014 - Three Regional Prayer Gatherings

National Day of Prayer Leadership Breakfast May 1, 2014 7-9 AM hosted By Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries 2501 Mt. Gilead Blvd, Richmond, VA 23235

Prayer is a dependency on God. Prayer is a trust in His infinite character and attributes. Prayer is access into His life-changing grace. May the Christian community of RVA be built on these truths. May the grace of God bring Christ-centered change to individuals, to our Christian community, and to those who have never experienced the wonderful love of Jesus Christ in our region.  

We want to invite you to a number of gatherings on the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 1, 2014:

Bless Richmond1. NDOP 'Leadership Prayer Breakfast' will be hosted by Bishop Daniel Robertson and Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries. For information or to register for the Prayer Breakfast, click HERE or go to the Bless Richmond website.

2. NDOP Capital Prayer Event (more info here)

3. NDOP Bible Reading Marathon (more info here)

We are desperate for God's grace to heal the pain and brokenness that exists in so many people's lives. We will pray.  May the Lord bless you,

Please download the Flyer

Don Coleman, James Anderson and Billy Kruschwitz for the Bless Richmond Team, (questions or suggestions: 804-276-9305 ex 221)

Theologian N.T. Wright: In writing about Jesus, he says "how can you live with the terrifying thought that the hurricane has become human, that the fire has become flesh, that 'Life' with a capital 'L' has walked into our midst? Either Christianity means that or it means nothing. It is the most devastating discovery in the deepest reality in the world or it is a sham and nonsense. Most people live in the shallows somewhere in between these two extremes but with any shred of integrity, we must live at either extreme".

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