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Nov 20th

Democrats, Richmond and the Culture of Death

Sixty years ago I came to Richmond to help build Whitcomb Court, a sister community like Gilpin Court where 4 were recently killed. I sensed we were building a new ghetto with concrete floors and ceilings, cinder block walls and facilities jammed together, developed only for poor people.

Seeing the picture of the black children impacted by the killings is so sad, a scene repeated over and over in Richmond. What goes through the minds of these children? They not only see the day to day killing in their homes, usually drug and sex related, but knowing their mothers could have easily killed them before being born- their life not worth a plug nickel.

What hope do they have?

Richmond is truly a city with a culture of death.

A Democrat majority city government and people that supports 3 abortion clinics and VCU & HCA hospitals that do late term abortions.

A Democrat majority that will eventually legalize recreational drugs like other states. A police chief whose solution is fewer guns and more people to speak up, who apparently is ignoring the root causes of the killing culture.

What chance is there for a safe, normal life?

Hopefully, some day the African-Americans will realize the devastation the Democrat Party has brought on them, from the chains of slavery, the Civil War, through segregation and massive resistance and family destructive welfare that forced the fathers from the household. 200 years later the chains are still there, maybe not visible, but still as destructive and controlling as before.

Greene Hollowell

Richmond, VA. 

Democrats Support Pro Death policies of Planned Parenthood, which is the killing of the unborn child. 

abortion2 620x326Screen shot of the Video Below

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