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Jul 15th

God Says vs What Man Says

Greene_HollowellWEBGreene Hollowell, a resident of Chesterfield County and a member on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Christian Alliance responds to recent issues on the Religious Herald. Those issues arise from our disobedience to God's Word and an unrepentant people pursuing lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life . (1 John 2:16)





Recent issues of the RH have reported on Abortion, Homosexuals, Evolution, Muslims, Obama and Church/State Walls and the controversies that surround them.


ABORTION: God calls it murder;

We call it 'choice'.

HOMOSEXUALITY: God calls it an abomination;

We call it 'an alternate life style'.

EVOLUTION: Gods says He created the world and us (in His Image) in six days;

We say it evolved with out His help over billions of years and we evolved from a monkey.

MUSLIMS: God says He is GOD and there is no other:

We say there are 'many ways' and Allah is one. And, Oh! Don't be concerned about 1400 years of violence and honor killings, 9/11 and threats to destroy America, we know some very nice, peaceful Muslims and we need to dialogue with them and seek common ground.

OBAMA: God has greatly blessed America:

Obama says we are no more just a Christian nation and we agree with him. He also supports abortion and homosexuals, and the majority of Americans agree.

CHURCH/STATE WALLS: God says He is supreme and you will obey Him;

We say God has no business in our national affairs and we don't want His moral demands on our backs and certainly not taught to our children.

It would seem like these are 'no brainers' but this is where America stands.

God told Cain- 'your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground!' How much more does the blood of 50,000,000 babies, slaughtered by their own mothers, fathers and 'doctors of death' cry out to God.

I believe God is using the financial collapse to hopefully bring us to our knees. I also believe if we stop the slaughter and return to him He will listen.


Greene Hollowell

Richmond, VA 23225

Greene Hollowell serves as on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Christian Alliance and you can read more about Greene here.





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