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Jul 15th

Virginia Christian Alliance Presents:
Our Honorees
VCA Promotes 7 Major Issues That Need To Be Addressed In America Today.
We are pleased to honor people that have had a far reaching impact in those issues. We look at them as defenders of what God has commanded: they are our heros.


jhunter200dpiwebSANCTITY OF LIFE

Johnny M. Hunter, DD

Founder of Life Education and Resource
Website: LEARN
Dr. Johnny M. Hunter is the President of Global Life & Family Mission, a ministrydedicated to promoting traditional family values, racial harmony, and the survival ofchildren around the world. He is also the National Director of Life Education AndResource Network (LEARN, Inc.), a consortium of life affirming pro-family advocates,which is a prominent African-American evangelical pro-life ministry in the United States.

Dr. Hunter is an ordained minister and co-pastored The National Community Church on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. He is also the Pastor Emeritus of Church of The Living Water in Buffalo, NY. He has served as an educator, director of a development support center for computer programmers and missionary. Dr. Hunter currently serves as the pastor of worship at Cliffdale Community Church and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors as well as an honoree.

A graduate of Hampton Institute, he has received many honors including the Sojourner Truth Award (from the Coalition of Urban Renewal and Education, Los Angeles, CA), the Defender of Life Award (from The National Black Pro-Life Conference, Detroit, MI), the Champion of Life Award (from the American Center for Law & Justice, Virginia Beach, VA) and, for peaceful nonviolent Christian activism, the Dr. Martin Luther King Religious Leadership Award (from the Erie County Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Buffalo, NY). An honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree was bestowed upon him by the Methodist-Episcopal Church USA. In 2008, the National Pro-Life Religious Council in Washington DC recognized him for his continuous leadership in the Cause of Life. In 2010, he was honored as a recipient of the Legatus Pro-Life award in Dana Point, CA. Also last year, at the National Juneteenth Memorial Service in Washington, DC, the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council humbled him with the Dr. James Cameron National Juneteenth Leadership Award. Besides these awards, what he considers to be his greatest honor is the time that he has spent in jail for acting on his beliefs.

Dr. Johnny and his wife, Patricia, a recording artist, live in Fayetteville, NC. They are the parents of Johnny, David and Danielle. The Hunters are servants of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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